It’s crucial that your bridesmaids and groomsmen feel at ease and confident in their attire, since this will show in your wedding images. It’s definitely possible to find smart, attractive, and classy wedding-day clothes for your bridesmaids, no matter what style you’re looking for. In reality, you have a variety of solutions available to you that will assist you in doing so. When choosing bridesmaid dresses, consider the option of wedding dress preservation for your bridesmaids, ensuring that their attire remains pristine as a cherished keepsake of your special day.

The mismatched trend allows your bridesmaids to pick a silhouette that flatters each woman’s figure. If you’re worried about everyone appearing the same, hand out swatches of your favorite dress colors and fabrics. If matching colors isn’t a concern, have them wear different shades of the same color family some maids can wear navy, while others wear sky blue or turquoise. 

Alternatively, keep it constant by dressing them all in the same dress and allowing them to accessorize as they see fit, or by allowing each lady to pick any look she likes in a certain fabric. Nobody says they have to wear the wedding dresses, by the way. Separates or jumpsuits are also excellent choices for your stylish bridal party.

If you can’t decide on a single look, combine a few. She ordered her sisters and sister-in-law to wear guipure lace Self-Portrait dresses, and her friends to wear off-white Cicinia ankle-length dresses, because she had more than a dozen attendants at her side. When all of the styles were put together, they were a perfect match.

There’s a way to dress your bridesmaids in designs that read as effortless and chic, whether you go short, bohemian, or ultra-modern. Here are a few of the most stylish ones we’ve come across thus far.

Bridesmaid Dresses: How to Pick Mix & Match Outfits

  • There isn’t a single color in the room. Do not require all of your girls to choose a dress in a single color unless you choose something like white, gold, or black as a theme. If you order five green dresses, one of them will almost certainly be the wrong color. Many brands have a variety of styles in the same color scheme, so pick one and let your girls choose.
  • Don’t hand over all of your responsibilities to someone else. You might be tempted to let your bridesmaids do anything they want, but they’ll appreciate some guidance. Make a Pinterest board of colors and textures you like, or show them the rest of your wedding inspiration to give them a sense of the style you’re going for. Pointers are usually helpful when it comes to “a black dress,” which might range from an office staple to a gothic gown.
  • Connect the dots. If you don’t have everyone accessible for a group shopping trip, mix and match is a great option. Let’s say you have six bridesmaids who live all throughout the country, and you’ve asked them to get dresses in blush, mauve, or taupe. Incredibly far, everything has been so simple! Just make sure they’re in contact with one another so your colors are evenly distributed throughout the bunch.
  • Lace or glitz. For a truly fashion-forward twist on the trend, don’t be afraid to use patterns, sequins, ruffle, or lace.
  • Take a step back. If you’re trying for an ombre style or using colors from the same spectrum, make sure the dresses are a full shade apart, since dresses that are nearly the same color but not quite are likely to appear weird in photos.
  • Choose a few swatches. Make things simple for yourself by purchasing outfits from a collection that can be mixed and matched. They may already have samples of outfits that work nicely together, but if you’re not sure, get swatches.
  • Toss the rulebook out the window. There are numerous articles on how to build a mix and match dress palette, such as sticking to a maximum of three colors, avoiding more than two differences in a dress, and preserving the same hemlines. But the truth is that there aren’t any.

Take a look at the outfits below for examples of how clashing colors, wild patterns, and diverse textures can all work together if your girls have the confidence to wear them.

1. Oceanic Hues

The unusual pairing of navy blues and emerald greens works surprisingly nicely together. Like a stormy sea, with a rich, refined palette. The outfits are adorned with bouquets of anemones.

2. Red Hot

When coupled with the bride’s classic white gown and the groom’s black tux, matching pomegranate-colored chiffon gowns inject a significant amount of glitzy romance. The bridesmaids are pleasantly delighted at how well the look suits them all.

3. Sparkling Glam

The dazzling pewter, silver, and black of these glam ladies mesmerize. In images and on the dance floor, the many textures and refractions of light appear stunning.

4. Indie Flair

These bridesmaids (as well as the bride) are wearing some of the most unique looks we’ve ever seen. In different silhouettes of slate blue, fringe, appliqués, and asymmetrical designs take form for indie fashions with absolute uniqueness and flair.

5. Everyone in Emerald

Silks and velvets in jewel tones are sumptuously luscious and decadent, the ideal compliment to a black-tie winter wedding. Every single one of these bridesmaids is stunning in emerald green.

6. All White

White bridesmaids and jumpsuits make for a stunning bridal party! Each bridesmaid selected her own outfit, and their distinct personalities are evident in the way they wear it.

7. Floral Pants

On paper, this may seem unusual, but don’t these females look amazing? The secret to pulling off this outfit is to match the floral trousers with plain block-colored tops. The best part is that your bridesmaids will undoubtedly wear them again!

8. Dark Florals

Full-length flowery gowns, especially dark florals, are always a smart bet for creating a striking contrast with your own gown, and they work as well for winter and summer weddings.


While your wedding is about you and your other half marrying, if you have bridesmaids, there are more than the two of you involved. Although the same color and design can be wonderfully accomplished, there are a variety of other methods to outfit your girls that are equally as lovely and, in some cases, more innovative.