Barn weddings are filled with nature-inspired details and exposed wood which gives the rustic vibes. This is a great venue for incredible photos and a laid-back atmosphere. However, barn weddings require some additional planning, even for the biggest wedding planners. 

There’s a lot to consider if you chose a barn for your wedding. For example, portable restrooms, annoying bugs, or mud if it’s a rainy season. So, we’re giving you a list of 7 clever ways to elevate your barn wedding. Also, it’s important to consult with professionals to have the best barn wedding for you and your guests. 

1. Budget For Barn Extras 

While planning your budget for the wedding, it’s important to keep in mind that barn weddings require extra attention. Most likely, your barn wedding isn’t going to be full service. So, that means you will have to take care of chairs, tables, and dishes. Also, to create a specific look and functionality of the wedding, you have to consider lighting, vendor tents, catering tents, a tent for the ceremony, and access to water among some things.
Before you book a barn for the wedding, make sure it is open to the public and licensed. Also, ask many questions, especially if you’re having a winter wedding. Make sure the barn has pole barn insulation. You don’t want to have a wedding in a barn that is too cold or too humid and hot during summer. With a proper insulation system, the barn will have a perfectly balanced temperature. 

It’s the best and easiest to work with barn wedding planners, so they have a list of important questions and requirements, like electrical outlets for food and entertainment. 

2. Check The Sound Ordinance Rules

Another important thing to know before a barn wedding is the sound ordinance rules in the area. You want to avoid any potential problems during your best night. Even if the barn is somewhere remote, check what time the music should stop. If there are a lot of houses and neighbors close to the barn, you may want to start the party earlier or have an after-party at a close-by bar or a restaurant. 

3. Perfect Wedding Attire

A barn wedding means that you will likely have to walk over the rustic floor (take a look at this collection of rustic styled wedding dresses), dirt floors, wood, or pebble. So, it’s safe to say that you might have to bring a couple of shoe options. Whether you’re planning on wearing high heels during the ceremony and then changing into flip-flops, make sure your wedding dress is adjusted and doesn’t drag on the floor. Also, if you choose to wear high heels, they should have a little more width. Also, boots, wedges, or oxfords are all perfect options for the barn wedding. If you’re not sure how formal you should dress, check the exact venue and see what makes the most sense. Remember to let your guests know if they should bring an extra pair of flip-flops, or you may provide them as well. 

4. Mind The Grounds

Not only is the ground important for you and the bridesmaids, but also for elderly guests. Make sure that the ground is car-friendly. Also, if you have older guests coming that are using a wheelchair, think about if there is a paved pathway. These are all important questions to ask, especially if it’s the rainy or winter season. Although this isn’t the fun part of wedding planning, it is essential to make all of the guests feel welcomed and comfortable. 

5. The Powder Room

If you booked a barn that isn’t a full-service wedding venue, make sure to create comfortable and sanitary restrooms. You or your wedding planner can contact a portable toilet vendor and check with them about the best option. Some vendors even have toilets with sinks and lights. 

If you’re renting a tent, then they can provide a restroom that can easily blend with the barn. An easy and affordable way to make the restrooms look more pretty is by adding fresh flowers, air fresheners, baskets with mints, hair spray, safety pins, aspirin, and many more. You can also place Benadryl in the baskets in case someone is allergic to hay or some animals in the barn. If you want the restroom area to stay clean and filled with paper goods, it may be a good idea to hire a reception attendant. 

6. Keep The Bugs Away

Barn and an outdoor wedding are beautiful, but it has uninvited guests, bugs. You want to avoid bug bites and your guest feeling uncomfortable through the reception. Place citronella candles around the perimeter of the barn. Also, fill baskets with bug sprays in the restrooms or near the entrance. Talk to the people who live in that location, so you can know what to expect and how to prepare. Another option is to spray the location one day before the wedding, so it leaves a nice and bug-free wedding day. 

7. Cost Of the Barn Wedding

To get the exact cost of the barn wedding, find out what is included with your barn venue. Also, the size and what is available affect the cost. Another thing that is important is how many guests you will have. The barn venue can cost from $6,000 to $12,000. While calculating the cost, remember to include service ware, seating, lighting, linens, and restrooms. Don’t be shy to ask as many questions as you want, because some barns may include these aspects in the price. Also, there are additional catering and music costs. 

In a few words

These 7 steps can help you to remember the most important sides while planning a barn wedding. To find the right barn, see what type of venue gives you butterflies. Write down what you want and like, and what you don’t want before deciding on the one. Plus, what will help your guests get comfortable. For example, having good lighting and great food from hjh maimunah delivery. There are many new barns made specifically for weddings. Talk to the wedding planner that has experience in barn weddings. Ask many questions before choosing the right barn and remember to relax and have fun at your wedding.