Wedding planning can be stressful and every little detail matter as it will affect your wedding greatly. When it comes to planning, one thing that you should consider is your guest’s attire on your wedding day. While you’re both all glammed up at your wedding, you may want to decide what your wedding guests should wear. Along with that, do you require any specific color that they should wear? 

When setting a wedding attire, you should include them in the wedding invitation so they would be informed immediately rather than seeing them come to your wedding wearing something different.  For examples, if you are using unique bridal flowers, you may want to ask if it would be possible for guests to color coordinate with your flowers and your other color scheme, or provide or request corsages or accessories based on those flowers. Then you can also provide your guests with a souvenir as they, just as you can preserve your wedding bouquet, can preserve their flowers and remember your special day.

There are as many options for wedding attire as there are weddings. It will depend entirely on the kind of ceremony you want to have. However, there are three broad categories of wedding attire that you can think about: formal, semi-formal, and casual. Now, the question is, which one should you decide to have for your wedding? Listed below is a short guide on how you can choose your wedding’s attire:  

Go for Formal Attire if…  

Your venue has enough ventilation that your guests will not overheat. It’s best to go for formal attire if your location is enclosed with the right cooling system or you’re in a cool environment. It would also be a great idea if your wedding venue matches formal attire. It would be awful to get married in a ball and see your wedding guest wear shorts on the dance floor.  

Don’t go for formal attire if you’re getting married at the beach as well. It would not match the venue as they’ll be needing comfortable clothes to move around freely.  

It’s also encouraged that you consider your guest’s financial capabilities. Not everyone can afford to pay for a tux or an evening gown. While renting is an option, not everyone can afford that either. Make sure that if you’re going for formal attire, recommend an affordable place where they can rent formal attires without breaking the bank.  

If you’re going for a formal attire dress code, encourage your male guest to wear black ties for a coordinated look and encourage your female guests to wear glamorous attire on your wedding day so that they could feel confident and enjoy the party. This will help you achieve the most formal wedding event.  

Go for Semi-Formal If… 

You want your guests to look neat without feeling stuffy. The gentlemen can wear a suit or a formal coat and the ladies can wear comfortable cocktail dresses. It doesn’t have to be floor length at all. This will allow them to have fun and comfortable while looking presentable at your wedding and would look great in photos. 

You can go for a semi-formal attire if your venue isn’t that much grand at all. It can be at a barn or an events place. When the venue doesn’t call for strictly formal attire, semi-formal would be a great option. Plus, it’s one of the most popular wedding attires out there. 

This also allows flexibility and doesn’t force your wedding guests to spend too much on their clothes on your wedding day. They’ll be happier guests, too!  

Go for Casual If…  

You want your wedding guests to be extremely comfortable on your wedding day. This is the perfect attire if you’re getting married at a location like on the beach.

This can be a little tricky since some may opt to wear jeans and shorts. To avoid this from happening, it’s recommended that you write on your wedding invitation to strictly refrain them from wearing jeans and shorts. It’s still a wedding after all, and your guests should make an effort to look presentable on your wedding day. 

The gentleman could wear dress pants with a button-down shirt or polo for a casual yet still formal look and the ladies could wear sundresses, skirts, or pants paired with a nice blouse. Their hair and makeup could be natural and don’t require them to have them done at a salon.  


Picking the perfect wedding attire can be tricky but it should be based on your location and your theme. They should match your venue especially when your venue asks for formal attire. You don’t ask your guests to wear a suit and tie at a beach wedding. Instead, you ask them to wear casual wherein they’ll be more comfortable to move around.  

Consider a lot of things when choosing the right attire such as a color motif, and if your wedding guests have the ability to provide your said attire. It may sound to be not your problem anymore but you should consider it as well especially when they badly want to attend your wedding.  

Also, remind your guests with proper guest etiquette for their attire so they won’t be stealing any spotlight from the lovely couple such as wearing an all-white dress.