Wedding planning is an intricate process. From the venue to bridesmaid dresses, there’s just so much to sort out. Without the right direction, you may find yourself stressing over the tiniest details.

Looking for tips and tricks to make your wedding planning simpler? Here is a holistic list to help you out:

Tips for successful wedding planning:

#1 Early Bird Catches the Worm: Start your wedding planning early

Wedding planning requires thorough groundwork. Starting early would give you enough time to smooth out many details.

Early planning lets you know when the venue would be available, will give you the time to pick out China patterns, and much more.

End moment planning would lead to stress and potential losses.

#2 Money Matters: Nail a budget

When you’re planning your wedding, remember to start with a budget in mind. Think about the expenses, about your future, and your savings. Make it a point to include the cost for your honeymoon as well.

A realistic budget will help you to get every detail right. Create a list of the things you’d like, and factor in the costs. Think about the arrangements you may have to make spontaneously. Consider the cost of extras, your hair and makeup, gifts, and dress alterations. With all that, set some cash aside for unexpected expenses as well.

Then compare the same with the budget you have in mind. If it crosses your budget, make some cuts and compromise on some extra additions.

#3 Wedding helpers: Some great helpers

For your wedding, you’d need all hands on deck. However, remember to be selective of your bride tribe. Be extremely selective, and choose only those people who you can trust.

If you don’t have someone who can help you with and if you have a budget, a professional wedding planner might be of help with any wedding advices and help.

Right from the beginning, ask your bridesmaids to take care of certain tasks. Instead of micro-managing your bride tribe, check in with them once in a while.

#4 Smoothen out the edges: Fix your wedding photographer, venue, and menu

Before your wedding month approaches, you should have the right photographer, a good venue, and a planned menu.

Make a point to check out the venue beforehand and look into options. If you are planning for a grand wedding, look for destination venues. Book your venue well in advance. In fact, choosing a venue should be your priority.

Next, try to speak to as many wedding photographers as possible. To choose the right photographer, ask for portfolios. Additionally, speak to the photographer to see if their ideas match yours.

Creating a menu for the wedding ahead of time would leave room for other important things. Test the options, try out different cuisines to find the right fit.

Tricks for Easy Wedding Planning

#1 Aesthetics

The wedding aesthetic is very important. When you’re choosing your venue and menu, remember to vibe everything with your wedding aesthetic.

Choosing the right décor, and accessories are just as important.

#2 Don’t Go Overboard

Weddings and luxurious spending go hand in hand. Although there’s nothing wrong with being fabulous with wedding planning, remember to practice moderation.

Add colors and accessories to your wedding venue with your budget in mind. Don’t go overboard with the décor, aesthetics, and your guest list.

#3 The Wedding Playlist

Wedding planning usually misses out on the wedding day playlist. Whether you hire a band or a DJ, you should come up with a classy playlist beforehand.

While creating a playlist, remember to get your fiancé’s opinion as well.

#4 A list of wedding day priorities

Before your wedding day approaches, create a list of wedding day priorities. Make a list of things based on the priorities. From what you’d do in the morning to walking down the aisle, jot down everything you’d need to do.

#5 Get organized

The best trick to smooth wedding planning is getting organized. Maintain a log book or a diary with your plans.

Creating an organized binder with the details in order of dates and priorities will keep you relaxed and informed. With a binder, even if plans change, you’d be able to make a note of it.

#6 Involve your Significant other’s family

Wedding planning should be a two-family thing. Instead of letting one person’s family take on everything, get everyone involved.

The key to a successful wedding is harmony between the two families. Get everyone on board, get opinions and ideas. Work the wedding out as a big family.

#7 Involve the groom and the groomsmen

Including the groom and his groomsmen at the wedding would help you get some extra help. Furthermore, this would help you manage all the work without stressing over small details.

Most guys like to be involved with budgeting, planning music, and taking care of things. Try to find something that your groom and groomsmen would jump to help.

Wedding Planning: Parting Advice

Wedding planning does not necessarily have to be extremely difficult. Planning and getting help from the beginning would make it easier for you.

Keep a track of all your plans. Consider getting opinions regarding your decisions before you make the arrangements. Planning with a level head would allow you to effectively plan a successful wedding.