Decorative table vases centerpieces are part of the main aesthetics of any wedding reception. They are a lovely way of expressing your wedding’s aesthetics, plus decorative table vases add drama and flair to any dinner table. There are millions of design options out there. It can be daunting to decide on what to do and what not to do when it comes to decorating your wedding centerpieces.

There are general guidelines you should consider when picking out your decorative table vase centerpieces. You must know the dos and don’ts of what makes an ideal decorative table vases centerpiece. 

And in this article, we will help you narrow down what to look for so you can focus on incorporating your style when using your decorative table vases centerpiece on your special day.

So without further ado, let’s get started on our do’s and don’ts for picking decorative table vases.

Do’s For Choosing Wedding Decoration Table Vase Centrepieces

Following these Do’s suggestion, make your wedding outstanding and elegant.

1. Try Mixing Tall Decorative Table Vases With Short Ones

If you don’t know which decorative table vases to choose or you are a little tight on budget, there’s a hack you can try – mix both tall and short wedding centerpieces. The tall ones are usually more expensive than the shorter ones, so remember to use them wisely. offers all suitable tall and short wedding centerpieces.

Using shorter centerpieces than tall ones is more cost-effective and can go well with flowers or candles, or both. Tall centerpieces, on the other hand, will make your ceilings looks higher. 

An important rule is to use tall decorative table vases not taller than 24 inches and short decorative table vases not shorter than 12 inches. It would help if you also used short centerpieces on the tables to avoid blocking the guests’ lines of sight.

2. Use Seasonal Flowers As Surprising Decoration

Flowers are an essential part of wedding decor and are also very expensive. But to save money, you can buy seasonal flowers instead of special ones.

Using seasonal flowers has merits, such as reduced transportation costs and fresher blooms. It is best recommended that you go for flowers that bloom, such as the cassandra, roses, and lantana. These flowers bloom all year, are cheap, and stay fresh. According to your style, you can choose the most suitable vase for those seasonal flowers as well as for your wedding.

3. Be Creative For Your Centerpieces

Don’t be afraid of getting creative. It’s your wedding and the only day when everything goes according to your plan. Remember to do what your heart wants and especially what you like. Do not limit yourself to typical glass centerpieces or decorative table vases. Go outside the box and be creative by going for centerpieces like bird cages, vintage brass candle holders, mason jars wrapped in metallic ribbons, etc. Anything which would add beauty to your reception, do it. 

Perfect if you want to DIY your bouquet. Choose your favorite flowers and make a unique bouquet that cannot be bought outside, which will add a unique charm to your wedding!

At, there is a selection of great decorative table cases for you. 

Don’ts For Avoid When Choosing Wedding Decoration Table Vase Centerpieces

Also, here are some essential points you must avoid when you are planning your wedding days.

1. Do Not Select The Wrong Table Size

Every shape is designated for a specific wedding centerpiece, and there are three shapes of a wedding table: circular (round), rectangle and square. With each shape comes different requirements for a wedding centerpiece. 

For example, if you pick a round table, a single-piece centerpiece would be recommended. Plus, it would be best to use a short decorative vase for minimal space. A long centerpiece would look horrible because a round table provides less space. 

While for a square table, you should use a medium size decorative table vase since there’s more space than a circular table. 

For a rectangle table, use a large decorative table vase because it would complement the size of the table.

In any case, the table and centerpiece must complement each other, and don’t make the decoration too abrupt.

2. You Do Not Need To Match Everything

Matching colors is unnecessary in a wedding reception, especially when using centerpieces with candles or flowers. The flow is for decorating, so you should always remember that less is more.

Avoid using too bright or flashy colors because they ruin the event’s ambiance. Use more subtle colors instead and match them with slightly bolder colors. Otherwise, it will be difficult for guests to figure out where you highlight. You are the star of the day, don’t let the decorations and lights take your color.

3. Don’t Use The Same Centerpieces

Remember not to make the mistake of using the same decorative table vase for every table. Uniformity is not a must, so try mixing and matching the relevant decor for each centerpiece. You don’t have to maintain discipline like it’s a school function; don’t forget that it’s your wedding. You can be creative as you want.

Use various centerpieces like brass holders, bird cages, tall glass centerpieces, or wine glasses from your kitchen. And try to make it different by decorating them with candles, blooms, french tulips, rose stems, etc. Just make your wedding decorations diverse but neat.


A decorative table vase or centerpiece can illuminate the ambiance of your wedding and venue. Try not to hold back too much with your money; be generous with centerpieces at your wedding. An average American spends $2300 on wedding decorations alone. So what’s your excuse for holding back? 

Take in these rules, and your wedding will be splendid and glamorous, just like you dreamed it. The dos and don’ts of using decorative table vases for centerpieces at your wedding will prove to be very useful to newly weds all over.