Pregnant weddings are romantic but very stressful to plan. Here are tips to host a wedding with your bunny in the oven.

Planning a wedding is overwhelming, but doing it while pregnant is a no-brainer. If you’re without help, giving up the whole even may even look appealing. You’re concerned about so many things while your body tries to assert itself at the same time. However, your celebration of love must happen because pregnant weddings are beautiful.

To make sure your day goes right without a hitch, you need all the help. So we’re here to help you with the ultimate wedding planning tips for a pregnant bride. From time management to donning your wedding dress, we’ve laid out everything.

1. Stay organized

The worst thing that can happen even to non-pregnant brides is chaos during wedding planning. Disorder when planning a wedding while pregnant can lead to frustration and even health risks. So hire a planner or pay one for guidance. Automate all your plans, and if possible, under one roof. There are many wedding planning websites to help you during this period. You can customize your apps, create schedules, set reminders, file e-copies of documents, and monitor your budget. This is one more stress you can do without

2. Tell a trusted person

If you’re getting married while pregnant without it showing, tell a trusted person aside from your spouse. It could be your mom, best friend, or maid of honor. The reason for doing this is because you need a wingman. You need someone who will stay alert and watch out for you without attracting attention. They will be with you all the way, helping with your needs and ensuring that you’re at your best always. Of course, the situation becomes different if you’re showing already.

3. Maximize your time

A pregnant bride has to move twice as fast as a non-pregnant bride. Once you confirm conception, you want to know how much before you start showing. That’s in the case where you don’t want a bump in your wedding pictures. If you don’t care about showing, then your due date should be considered. The closer you get to the due date, the more tired you become. So you want to ensure that the whole wedding is behind you by then. Hence, a reason why you must maximize your time and work towards your day at a graceful speed.

4. Save your wedding dress

If you got pregnant before the wedding but have bought your dress, all hope isn’t lost. Wait until 6 weeks before your wedding and have your tailor rework or redesign the dress to suit your present. If it’s custom made, you may have to send it to the manufacturer for redesigning. It’s wiser to keep it a size bigger because of your bump. However, if you’ve not bought your dress, better for you. Choose something that flatters your bump and figure, such as the Empire style.

5. Always take time off to relax

You deserve to relax because you’re a bride-to-be and should be well pampered. Secondly, you’re carrying a baby that you should protect. This requires you to be at your optimum. Lastly, wedding planning is stressful and deserves breaks in between. Do you see? So many reasons to take time off. Go to the spa, enjoy a massage and skin rejuvenation. Getaway at some local hotel and be waited on without lifting a finger. Sleep and eat right, then get back on the horse with your boosted energy.

6. Focus on the simple things

Planning a wedding should be about creating lasting memories, especially while pregnant. Forget about the bogus three-day wedding events, over-the-top decor, and ten-course meals if you don’t like them. Think more about yourself, your spouse, and what it means the most to the both of you. It could be those little and simple things. Go ahead and do them, so that you can look back with smiles on your face.

7. Overhaul your menu

As a pregnant bride, there are many foods and drinks that you either shouldn’t take or you can’t stand. It is also ridiculous that you don’t eat at your wedding. So, a menu overhaul should be done. Your caterers have to incorporate foods and drinks that everyone, including you, can take without harming you or the baby. However, if you’ve not planned your menu, then it’s easier to sit with your vendor and create one.

8. Enlist help

The truth of the matter is that you can’t do it all on your own even without pregnancy. Being pregnant means you need double the help. So if you can hire a planner with adequate external help, do so. If you’re working on a budget, enlist family and friends to help. Be very specific about what you want to be done because there’s no time for do-overs. After everything, appreciate them with little gifts. The gesture goes a long way.

Hosting pregnant weddings are shades of fun and tiring. But with these tips, the bulk of your stress evaporates while planning a memorable wedding.