Henna wrist cuff designs, the new love of henna artists and henna lovers. The fun part is the design does the work of bracelet too and you need not have to wear anything else on your wrist. Most of these kind of designs just need to follow one pattern around and easy to do it yourself. Well, we have also collected some intricately beautiful designs for the pros. So, whether you like it simple or difficult mandala designs, we have collated the best for you.

We have observed that henna lovers like very much to experiment with designs. This is the reason you’ll find all different kind of designs with different placements like¬† for shoulders, fingers, legs and even back. And now, the wrist designs!



 bracelet design Henna wrist cuff 1


This design around the wrist is so nicely done with simple leaves and flower pattern. Usually, this type of design is started by making two parallel lines and then filling in and out.


 design Henna wrist cuff 2


This design is done on forearm but will look equally adorable on wrist.


simple and beautiful design Henna wrist cuff 3


When you want an easy and a WOW design at the same time!



pretty design on hand Henna wrist cuff 4


For the minimalistic design lovers!


 design Henna wrist cuff 5


This henna design is versatile and can be done in three ways. The one same as above or just on fingers or wrist.


 design Henna wrist cuff 7


This design is inspired by the dainty hathphool (a type of jewelry adorned on the wrist). Isn’t it lovely?


 design Henna wrist cuff 8


The extended henna wrist design!


simple wedding design Henna design 9


This type of henna wrist cuff designs is different from the usual ones. This design is with a vertical pattern and looks absolutely stunning!


Natural design Henna design 10


For the pros!


beautiful Henna design 12


This one is a really cool design with a metallic tattoo and hangings on the parallel wrist cuff pattern.

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