Christmas season is already fast approaching, and you must be planning on what gifts to get for your loved ones. There are many gift options you can choose from depending on who you plan to give your presents. It can either be gift cards, toys, books, clothes, or bags, but there’s one thing that everyone can surely appreciate: jewelry. 

Pieces of jewelry are accessories often adorned by women but rarely by men in fear of looking tacky. However, giving jewelry as a gift – even for men, is an excellent idea because they are both long-lasting and sentimental. Jewelry pieces are beautiful, versatile, and customizable according to the people you will give the present.

Choosing the right jewelry for your beloved men,  be it for your father, brother, partner, or a close friend, can be tricky. But here are some guidelines you can follow to find the best present for your special man. 



One of the most common pieces of jewelry among men are rings. Wedding rings are associated the most when talking about rings, but there are also class rings, companion rings, fraternal rings, and championship rings. Two (2) rings at most is the recommended amount of ring a man can wear, but it can’t stop you from giving a person a ring.

If you want simple and classy, rings with a plain and intricate band made their preferred metal is the way to go. You can spice it up with engravings of their family crest, their initials, a message, or basically anything of significance to the wearer. Also, rings made with wood and tungsten carbide tend to contrast and emphasize the person’s look. 

Aside from the classic bands, decorative rings or vintage rings are great examples of daring rings you can get. Rings with a single or a row of stones cannot be overlooked as a gift. Depending on the design, it can give an edge and dazzle the style of the wearer.  

Whatever type you decide, remember to mind the material and stones used in the ring before buying it. You don’t want your special person to look like a sleazy car dealership when you go overboard with the ring.  


Bracelets are underrated jewelry that looks phenomenal on men. They can either be ornamental or functional that can make someone look more well-put and masculine. This is especially true when the bracelet is made with either metal, leather, or dark-colored gemstone beads. These accessories can be easily paired with simple outfits, making them a perfect gift for your loved ones.  

There are various styles of bracelets to choose from. Identity bracelets or bracelets with chain and engraving plates in the center are popular designs for men. Leather bracelets are also a good gift for someone special. However, dangling bracelets are a no go for men because they can be quite inconvenient. They can easily be tangled with cufflinks or stuck in a shirt sleeve. 

A bracelet with a double-locking clasp is commended as extra protection to keep it firmly in your special man’s wrist. 


Searching for the right necklace suitable for your special man can be a bit difficult to find. Giving a necklace that is too dainty can come across too feminine, but if it’s too chunky or flashy can make your man look unprofessional. You have to look out for the necklace’s height, weight, and the material and design used when choosing it as a present. 

Necklaces with chains are among the most popular on men because they can be as visible or as subtle depending on their style and preference. Chains can also be used as-is or personalize with a unique pendant. If you are going for something casual, masculine, but classy, purchase necklaces made out of wood and bones. 

If you want something more personal, you can purchase cartography necklaces with significant pieces or their favorite gemstones. It’s meaningful and one of a kind, just like the person you plan to give the necklace. 



For the past thirty years, the popularity of wearing an earring in men gained more approval. One of the main advantages of ear piercings is that they can be easily removed anytime. Giving an earring as a gift is simple and a beautiful way of showing appreciation for your special man.  

Even a simple pair of studs could be meaningful if it is incorporated with his birthstone. Earrings are neutral jewelry that you can easily personalize by adding a few stones such as pearls and diamonds. You can purchase them at your favorite jewelry store or you visit Men’s Diamond Earrings for other options.

Customizing jewelry according to the recipient’s personality and likes can make a significant impact even for a piece of small jewelry.



A watch is a timeless piece of jewelry that men can rarely do wrong. A timepiece is a classic and staple jewelry that is revered in every men’s wardrobe. Using a watch can completely change someone’s appearance.   

In purchasing a watch, choose wisely depending on the personality of the recipient. If they are athletic and active, watches made out of metal, rubber bands, or silicone are the best choices, and it is much preferred if they are also water-resistant. Leather bands are popularly used in a formal setting, while watches made with metal and plastic straps are for a more laid back and casual look.   


Many jewelries are marketed widely for female consumers, so men have limited options compared to women. However, it is not a hindrance in shopping for a piece of jewelry as a present for your man. Besides the mentioned above, tie-clips, cufflinks, lapels, ethnic jewelry, and religious jewelry are additional accessories you can get as a present.  

When purchasing men’s jewelry, find the right balance between the jewelry and the recipient’s style. Remember to keep it simple, timeless, and not to go overboard. You can also purchase jewelry in a set to maintain the uniformity of the look and further elevate the wearer’s style.