Modern students have a lot on their plates. Starting from early school and throughout their entire academic path, young people encounter a huge number of challenges. And overcoming them can be uneasy.

Although academic curriculum can be incredibly challenging at any age, the good news is that there are always many tricks that enable you to ease the load and achieve greater results. The most simple one is to use a trusted research paper writing services that will let you delegate your assignments to qualified writers. This way, you can save a lot of time and easily score A’s.

Apart from opting for professional help, there is another, less obvious way to support your studies and maximize the outcomes. We are talking about listening to music. Although many call it a distraction, it can actually become a powerful tool for learners. Read on to learn how music can motivate you and help you study better!


First and foremost, the positive effect of songs on students lies in motivation. When you have a challenging session and get tired from exhausting homework, music helps a lot. Just put on some dynamic sounds. This can help you regain motivation and get back to work easily.

According to 2019 research, the right songs can activate the same reward centers in your brain as other things that you genuinely enjoy. The effect is similar to watching your favorite movie, hanging out with friends, or buying something to treat yourself.

Simply put, when you play the right songs during your sessions, you can make your brain think that it’s being rewarded with something it likes and enjoys. As a result, it remains in an elevated mood and increases your motivation levels. So you can get your tasks done in a much more enjoyable and simple way.

Improved Focus

There is always a lot of discussion on whether listening to music during work or studies helps or distracts you. In fact, both statements are true. It can serve both as an auxiliary tool for success and as a distraction too. But let’s delve deeper into this matter to figure out the truth.

So, according to numerous studies, certain genres, especially classical, can have a positive effect on the human brain. It can help your brain process, interpret, and absorb new information quicker and easier. Due to this reason, it is believed that the right background sound can actually make you more focused.

According to another research, students with ADHD can get distracted by background music. This confirms that songs really can serve as a distraction. Nevertheless, the results of this experiment revealed that even students, who got first distracted, eventually performed better than their peers in the classroom.

Stronger Memory

We’ve already mentioned this a few times, but this point deserves a separate mention. According to numerous experts, certain songs, especially classical, can affect your memory and information procession.

Music is proven to stimulate your brain, similar to how regular exercise stimulates your body. As a result, your cognitive functions improve, and you become capable of processing and memorizing more information in a shorter time and generally easier.

Stress Reduction

Without any doubt, studying in school or college can be pretty stressful. The intense load, high expectations, tight deadlines, and other education-related issues can make students feel stressed nearly 100% of the time. Needless to say, this can hold them back from performing well.

Someone who remains in a constant state of stress and anxiety simply can’t perform at the top of their abilities. According to numerous studies, stress hampers one’s ability to think effectively, find solutions to various problems, and ensure productivity. What’s more, a person that experiences a high level of stress can find it barely possible to stay motivated.

Music not only motivates you to achieve more but also eliminates stress from your life and promotes general wellness. There are quite a few studies that confirm this.

According to 2021 research, patients who were listening to music for 30 minutes a day reported that they felt less pain and anxiety on a daily basis. The experts who conducted this experiment claim that relaxing sounds can significantly improve one’s mood and optimize stress levels. As a result, participants felt better overall.

Another research suggests that having an overall better mood can significantly improve one’s brain function and learning outcomes. Being in an elevated mood, you can handle your academic assignments faster and easier. Moreover, when not distracted by stress and anxiety, your brain will be able to process and retain the obtained information better. As a result, you will be able to boost your overall performance.

Second Language Acquisition

If you are a foreign student who has to study in a non-native language or just someone trying to learn a second language, this is another case where music can help. The positive effect of songs on second language acquisition was discovered back in 1995. In the course of the study, 53 second-grade students were given 15-minute music lessons eight times a week as a part of their French Immersion program in Canada.

The findings of this study were impressive. They revealed that students who received additional music lessons performed better. They scored higher in the oral grammar and reading comprehension French tests. And students who studied according to the standard program did worse on these tests. After this study, there were many similar ones that also confirmed the power of songs in second language acquisition programs.

Therefore, if you are learning a second language or studying in a language that’s not native to you, listening to songs in this language can not only boost your motivation but also help you master the new language faster and easier.

The Bottom Line

As you now know, music can have a variety of positive effects on students, their brains, and their academic performance. All these benefits are backed by science. So if you are looking for ways to improve your motivation, productivity, and overall performance, listening to background music is a surefire way to achieve all these goals at once.