When we think about business women the first person that comes to our minds is someone like Victoria Beckham. She has first and foremost confidence, elegance, great sense of style and a sharp look. But, also a ton of hairdressers, stylists and what not behind her. It’s not easy for us women. Maintaining that unique and perfect outlook takes in a lot of work.

Business Leather Briefcase

Do you remember the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’? Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep) has been a fashion icon and an epitome of a successful business woman since then. Yes, she is cold and sometimes a little bit mean, but her style is a thing of admiration. Every single snap of that movie can end up as the cover of a magazine.

The only thing that would make her look even more put together is a sophisticated leather briefcase. Just imagine it! A well put together woman with that kind of briefcase says nothing else but “I’m fierce and know what I want!” And that kind of approach is timeless.

White Shirt


What’s not to love about a White Shirt? From Designer Shirts to your local stores you can find them practically anywhere. They are elegant, classy and besides that, you don’t have to wear them only to work. And if you are running a little late that morning you can never go wrong with a simple White Shirt.



Your eyes are a window to your soul. When you talk to someone they look you in the eyes, so you must put special attention to them. In summer and winter, our skin is especially fragile so I advise you to invest in a pair of sunglasses. Not only do they bring you a certain kind mysteriousness, but they are great for protecting your eyes as well.

High Heels

high heels business woman confidence

If there is a single thing that women just never have enough that would be footwear. I know I am guilty of this crime also. You were just casually passing by the store and they just start calling your name, you can’t just leave them to sit there right? But let’s get serious, a pair of quality high heels will make your silhouette elongated and more feminine. And who doesn’t feel confident in killer high heels?

Pencil Skirt

pencil skirt business woman confidence

You can easily upgrade your game with a Pencil Skirt. They are flattering on just about any figure if match it right with other formal garments. It has that classic office look, but if you decide to go out for a drink with your colleagues after work, you will at the same time look elegant and glamorous. A win-win!

Trench Coat

trench coat business woman confidence

Another timeless classic. Trench Coats are an absolute must-have in any woman’s wardrobe, especially for a businesswoman. You can wear them at any time of the year and always look fabulous. If you invest a little more in your trench coat you can wear it for years because they will never get out of style.

Signature Jewellery

signature jwellery business woman confidence

People love to be remembered by something. And isn’t it lovely if they remember you not only by your smile, eyes, or hair but by a piece of jewelry as well? Any time they see something similar they will think of you. Accessorizing can be great fun and a sure way to bring to your overall outfit something new.

In Conclusion

With these items in your closet, you will always have that professional outlook. But, also this kind of wardrobe is timeless and you can wear all of these items even when you are out of the office. These fierce essentials will make you feel and look like you’re on the top of your game!