Choosing an engagement ring is always sure to be an exciting moment. It signals the beginning of a deeper commitment to your partner, and will hopefully stand the test of time, remaining on your partner’s finger for many years and decades to come. But before you rush off to choose the ring there are some factors that you should take into account.

Price is always important. Obviously, do not buy the cheapest ring you can find – that is a good way to tell your partner that they do not rate highly on your priority list! But equally, do not get into massive debt or spend more than you can afford, trying to impress your partner either. Not only will they perhaps not realize your sacrifice, which is always disappointing, you might begin to resent them for your excessive expenditure, which can break up the relationship before it has properly got underway! Financial prudence is always sensible, and choosing the right ring will signal to your partner that you are generous and good with money, a double win for them (and for you too!).

Do not just find out what is popular and go with that. Take the time to assess what looks good on your partner: some people look washed out wearing white gold, while others look a bit jaundiced with yellow accents! Rose gold is also a good option, and there is also the platinum family of metals to choose from. Avoid silver, as it is quite soft and the ring will not stand the test of time, bucking and deforming with wear and tear.

Consider all the options available to you. Diamonds do not just come in one shade of translucence. There are vivid fancy stones which have bright colors alongside that distinctive diamond sparkle. You can opt for one of several designs of engagement ring: from a large single stone, to an array of diamond chips (called melee diamonds) forming a distinctive and attractive design, or a combination with a large central stone, surrounded by a host of smaller ones to create a dazzling and eye-catching piece of jewelry.

Getting the size right is quite important. Buying a ridiculously large or small ring can make your partner feel as though you are fitting them into an idealized box, which is never the basis for a successful relationship! There are ways to surreptitiously find out your partner’s ring size without giving away an impending surprise proposal, and you should do your best to get the size close or exact. Some rings cannot be resized, so do make sure of that before you commit to a ring that your partner might not be able to use!
Finally, remember buying diamonds is an investment as well as an expression of romantic love. Insure the ring, make sure the stone is accredited by GIA or AGS, and take whatever steps like you would before purchasing any other item for a lot of money!