The sexual life of females has undergone a major revolution throughout the last few years. Women are not scared to express their sexual needs anymore. They can choose their partners freely and – in most countries – have access to contraceptives.

However, female orgasm is still a burning issue in the context of sexual education and discussion. There is a lot of misleading, contradictory information on this topic and some women are scared of talking about it openly. 

We present an ultimate guide to ‘the little death’ in women – its kinds, symptoms, and techniques of achieving it.

Female Orgasm – Introduction

For many years, it has been mistakenly assumed that sexual pleasure is reserved only for men, while women should simply satisfy their partners without taking care of their own sexual experience.

Nowadays, the situation is changing, and women are not only encouraged to achieve satisfaction with a partner but also on their own. Exploring your body, using sex toys, getting to know your needs and reactions is an excellent way to embrace self-acceptance and love. There are plenty of options available – vibrators, dildoes, anal plugs. Every woman may choose something for herself. For example, click here for the best vibrators.

Also, it develops the connection between partners – if a woman is aware of her own pleasure and physiology, she can also understand her partner better.

That is why both women and their partners should expand their knowledge on female orgasms and take some practice in this area. It will surely increase the quality of sexual life. However, everything should be done slowly and with mutual consent. Triple orgasm vibrator

Kinds of Female Orgasm

Basically, we can distinguish seven kinds of female orgasm. They are:

  • Clitoral orgasm
  • Vaginal orgasm
  • G-spot orgasm
  • Anal orgasm
  • Nipple orgasm
  • Urethral orgasm
  • A-spot orgasm

The clitoral orgasm is thought to be the easiest to achieve. It results from direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris. Although it is not hard to achieve, women often describe it as quite short and weak. For some women, the clitoral orgasm is the only kind of orgasm possible to achieve – for example, they need additional clit stimulation during vaginal sex – either with a vibrator or fingers.

Women can achieve vaginal orgasm through, as the name suggests, stimulation of the vagina. Of course, it doesn’t have to happen only during sex, but it is also possible to have, for instance, during a dildo penetration or finger stimulation.

Despite the fact that a lot of women describe this kind of orgasm as relatively strong and long-lasting, it is also considered to be difficult to achieve. Problems with vaginal orgasms are often connected with excessive clitorial stimulation – especially during masturbation. The more a female gets used to clitoral orgasms during sex, the harder it is for her to experience the’ little death’ without it.

G-spot orgasm is achieved by the stimulation of the G-spot. It is a soft spot inside the vagina, and it feels a little like a sponge. It is actually a part of the clitoral network, so while stimulating the G-spot, you’re actually stimulating the clitoris as well. There are special G-spot vibrators available that are designed to hit this area of the vagina.

Women usually describe the G-spot orgasm as a really strong one. However, some of them feel that it’s too intensive. The G-spot stimulation needs to be practiced and discussed by both partners to be effective. You can also achieve it with a special G-spot vibrator. If you want to read about some techniques of the G-spot stimulation, click here.

Anal orgasm is not so popular among women, but it is believed to be the most intensive one. Women can achieve it through the stimulation of the anus, either with fingers, a vibrator, or a penis. Anal penetration is still kind of a taboo. However, the information about it should be widespread. To be safe and pleasurable, anal sex always requires proper lubrication and mechanical protection (a condom). To read on how to facilitate this kind of sex, have a look at this article.

The nipple orgasm is quite an unpopular one, as many women forget about the nipple stimulation and its potential. If you aren’t familiar with it, simply try to experiment with your nipples’ stimulation and encourage your partner to do so. Nipples can be stimulated in various forms – with fingers, tongue, teeth, feathers, or even special nipple clippers. It’s up to you to choose the most convenient technique.

Urethral orgasm is the one achieved by stimulating the so-called U-spot. It’s a small area of sensitive tissue just above and on the urethral opening side. The U-spot orgasm is not popular; however, it is described as a relatively strong one.

The last kind of female orgasm is the so-called A-spot orgasm. The A-spot is located deep in the vagina, similar to the G-spot. A-spot orgasm is easier to achieve as a second or another one, as the A-spot usually gets sensitive after the first orgasm. This spot can be successfully stimulated in the missionary position.

Myths About Female Orgasm

Although the knowledge on female orgasm is expanding, there are still numerous myths on this topic.

For example, some people still believe that a woman can have an orgasm only during vaginal penetration. It’s obviously a myth, as it concerns only the one kind of orgasms. Anal, clitorial, or nipple orgasm can be well achieved completely without vaginal stimulation. 

Another myth concerning female orgasm says that a woman cannot cum multiple times at once. In fact, there is a phenomenon called ‘multiple orgasms,’ and it happens when a woman cums a few times in a row – sometimes, when the first orgasm is strong, only little stimulation is needed for achieving another one. To get to know more about multiple orgasms, click here.

Unfortunately, the myth concerning the size of a penis (or a dildo) is still functioning as well. Some people believe that the intensity and length of a female orgasm depend on how big the penis is. However, the truth is that a woman’s satisfaction depends more on the stimulation technique. 


The female orgasm is a complex issue, but it’s not rocket science – with a little effort, you will understand well how it works. In fact, if both partners do take care of female pleasure, communicate their needs and thoughts, exploring the world of the ‘little death’ can become an exciting adventure.

What is more, exploring your body during masturbation is also a great way to boost your self-confidence and become more aware of your own body. It is no shame to love your curves and give them a little pleasure!