A man’s leather briefcase is more than just a handy solution for storage when on the move. It shows your man’s personality, makes him look professional, shows he’s organized, and is also a fashion statement. In short, it speaks volumes about him.

Finding the best leather briefcase to gift him can be a daunting task, especially given the variety available in the market in terms of quality, color, style, and size. But when you know what you’re looking for, you’ll not be overwhelmed. Let the tips below guide you in choosing the best leather briefcase that will suit your man’s personality:

Von Baer Full Grain Leather Briefcases

For your man to appreciate the gift you give him, it has to be of quality. Many people assume that all leather is the same, but nothing could be further from the truth. Getting your man a leather briefcase made from the finest leather will require a keen eye, scrutiny, and very careful consideration when shopping. The quality of material used in making a leather briefcase will either add value or diminish its overall look and texture. If you want the best type of briefcase, you need to be choosing one made from full grain leather. A Von Baer mens luxury briefcase is made from Italian full grain leather, handmade in Florence, Italy.

Briefcase from Vonbaer.com


Their briefcases boast a rich texture and are made to be versatile and attractive. A briefcase made from full-grain leather will be irresistible to your man, especially if he’s knowledgeable about leather. 

What To Look For In A Leather Briefcase:

  • Size

The size of the leather briefcase you choose will be determined by its use. The briefcase should be able to accommodate your man’s belongings and be easy to carry around. You should, however, steer clear of briefcases that are overly customized to fit only certain things like laptops and some gadgets. Instead, go for a briefcase with compartments that are structured for extensive use. Also, remember that big is not always better, considering that the briefcase will be carried around using one hand or shoulder. Even though the size of the briefcase will be dictated by its use, a flexible one that can be manipulated by being compressed or opened up as needed will be preferable.

  • Style

Leather briefcases tend to be either casual or formal. Knowing your man’s personality will help you choose the style that’ll suit him. If he’s more traditional, something classic will tickle his fancy, but if he’s fashion-conscious and likes to keep up with whatever’s trending, he’ll be more likely drawn to a trendy briefcase. The good thing about leather bags is that they offer timeless sophistication and elegance that never goes out of fashion.

  • Workmanship

A good leather briefcase must be well crafted, and its workmanship must be impeccable. When choosing a leather briefcase as a gift for your man, you’ll want one that stands out in all aspects. These are the details to look out for:

  • The stitching must be consistent without loose threads sticking out.
  • The pockets must be well aligned to give the briefcase an aesthetic balance.
  • Angles and edges, whether square, round, or any other shape, should appear natural and not forced. 
  • Zippers, buckles, locks, and metallic rings should fit seamlessly and should be made of very high-quality material, like solid brass or stainless steel to enable them to endure their heavy usage.  
  • Straps and handles should be properly fixed and reinforced. 

Everything should fall into place nicely. The same consistency should apply to the interior components as well.  Good workmanship will ensure that the leather briefcase stands the test of time.

  • Machine Or Handmade?

Choosing between a hand or machine-made leather briefcase will be a matter of your preference. Machines make work easier, so machine-made leather briefcases are conveniently mass-produced. This means that you’re likely to meet someone else carrying the same kind of briefcase. On the other hand, handmade briefcases require the skills of highly experienced craftsmen as they’re made keenly with close attention to detail. The advantage of the handmade version is that you can order a briefcase and have particular custom features incorporated into it. And your chances of meeting someone else with the same product are next to nil because every handmade bag is unique. Most handmade leather briefcases are sold in high-end stores, and they are pricier than their machine-made counterparts. Your choice will highly depend on how personal and special you want your gift to be.

  • Color

Most leather briefcases come in many shades of brown, tan and black. You should therefore choose colors depending on the environment the briefcase will be used in. If the briefcase you gift your man will be used informally or casually, then you should go for a lighter shade. But if it’ll be used for business or in formal environments, choose a darker shade.

  • Convenience

The main function of a briefcase is storage. But a few added features can add convenience to its functionality. When looking for the best leather briefcase to gift your man, choose one that has extra features like shoulder straps that can be detached, when need be, adjustable buckles for comfort, side pockets, and convenient inner pockets that your man can use to store important things securely. This will make the briefcase more useful and allow it to be used for different purposes.


Gifting your man the perfect gift no matter the occasion requires a lot of thought. At the same time, you want to ensure that your money has been put to good use. Now that you’re equipped with the right information, go out confidently and get the best leather briefcase that your man will like. The perfect gift always has a personal touch, is irreplaceable, and should be something that he needs but does not have. A good gift should also always leave a lasting impression. A good leather briefcase can bring out all that. You’ll know you made the right decision when the leather briefcase stands the test of time.