As a working mom, keeping up with your child’s academic performance can prove to be challenging sometimes. Especially when clients are on your neck about deadlines.

However, as a parent, you have to figure out a way to do both. You cannot let your child’s performance suffer because of work and vice versa. After all, one of the reasons why you work so hard is so that your kids can have a comfortable life. Ensure that you do whatever it takes to ensure that you have everything in order before your child goes back to school.

If you’re pursuing a college degree, you can use your study time to go through your child’s notes and see how they are doing. In case you don’t have enough time, find professionals who do homework for money. This way, you can submit your assignments on time and keep up with your child’s performance.

Mothers need to understand that a lot of the learning and education of their young children can take place successfully in the best preschools. This is why they need to invest time and effort in ensuring that they are sending their children to a leading educational institution. This will at least ensure that in terms of their education, you are not having to personally invest a lot of time.

Kids in kindergarten and primary schools need close supervision because they’re in a delicate development stage. If anything goes wrong while they’re still developing, it will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Ensure that you teach your child communication skills so that they tell you when they’re having a hard time in school. Many school-going kids suffer in silence because they have no idea how to communicate. Some don’t even understand that they are going through a difficult time.

5 Useful Tips for Busy Moms During Back To School Season

1. Shop Early

The first tip is making sure that you shop for your child’s school supplies early. This way, you won’t suffer through long lines along with other parents who are shopping last minute.

When you shop for the schools early, you get time to think about what you’re buying. You’re likely to make better shopping decisions as compared to another parent who’ll rush through the shopping list.

2. Go Through your Child’s Holiday Assignment

Before you send your child to school, make sure you go through their holiday assignments. Holidays are usually longs, and kids tend to forget all about the assignments.

In case there is an assignment your child did not complete, you can guide them through. You should also look at the assignments they completed to see if they answered the questions correctly.

3. Buy Fruits in Bulk

When the kids start going to school, you’ll need healthy snacks you can package for them. Buying fruits in bulk ensure you have something for each day.

Don’t buy fruits your child does not like and force them to eat it because when they’re in school, you cannot tell if they ate their fruit or gave it away. Instead, find out what they like and buy those.

4. Ask your Children What They Need

Many parents assume that kids don’t know what they want. You’d be surprised at how smart kindergarten and primary schools are. So ask your children what they need because you cannot possibly remember everything. After all, you’re already preoccupied with work and other parenting responsibilities.

5. Spend Time with Your Children

You need to find time for the kids during the holidays before schools open because soon, everyone will be too busy to bond as a family.


As a busy mom, these tips help you stay on top of things and keep your sanity.