Being on a quarantine can be extra difficult for a parent. You are not only expected to protect your kids but keep them busy as well. This is easier said than done though because most kids have very short attention spans and a lot of energy. What your kids need is a structured activity. Why not try a new hobby with your kids? By trying a new hobby with your kids, you will be able to give them a stimulating and worthwhile activity. Here are 5 hobbies you can start with your kids during the quarantine.


Origami is a traditional Japanese art form that promotes patience, accuracy, and creativity. It is technically paper art, and it entails you to form paper into intricate shapes. Origami may seem like a poor hobby choice for kids because it does take a great deal of patience and precision. But it is a genuinely fun pastime, and if you can introduce it to your kids in a light and fun way, you can definitely get them into it. When you start your origami sessions, don’t show them how complicated the constructs are. Instead, show them how cool and ingenious the designs are. Show them that they too are capable of making these great works of art. By having your kids practice origami, you are not only giving them a fun pastime but a way to hone their patience and accuracy as well.

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is the original roleplaying game. In the past few years, the game has gained a great deal of popularity. What was once a part of a small sub-culture of players has become a much-loved pastime. It’s easy to see why though. You get to go adventuring in far off lands and be the adventurer that you want to be. 

You can be a Knight, a mage, a rogue, technically anything you want to be. If you are new to these characters you can either watch Youtube videos on Dungeons Dudes channels or dive deeper into their abilities by reading guides on them. For instance, if you choose to be Paladin, you might find it helpful to explore the dnd 5e paladin guide or Handbook, to understand their capabilities in the game. You are the dungeon master, and adventure and riches await. The game is a great way to develop your kid’s imaginations and storytelling skills. It also helps them become more confident and outgoing because they will need to act out and respond to specific scenarios in the game. 

The best thing about Dungeons and Dragons is that it is a very versatile game and can be played practically anywhere, You do need the base games and some specific dice, but the most important thing you can have during a Dungeons and Dragons game is your imagination. Bring that and you are technically set for playtime.

Bottled ships

Bottled shipbuilding is a time-honored and beloved hobby. There are countless enthusiasts all over the world, which shows that it is a very entertaining hobby. When it comes to learning the hobby with your kids, it can be a bit of a struggle at first. You will need to be very patient and accurate with your movements. Remember your main goal is to create a miniature ship inside a bottle. So each and every one of your movements should be as precise as possible. But despite its difficult learning curve, it is still a wonderful hobby to learn with your kids. 

There is a myriad of bottle ship kits that you can order online. As for the bottles though, it is better that you have them custom made. Although most veteran bottle shipbuilders can brag that they can build their ships in almost any bottle, remember that you are only a beginner so custom made bottles are a must. You can order from drinking glass manufacturers and have your glass bottles made according to your specifications.

Reading and writing

Reading and writing is a wonderful hobby you can take up with your kids. If you think about it reading and writing are some of the most rewarding pastimes you can take up. There are various genres that you and your kids can equally enjoy, and write about. You can start out with light literature like Dr. Seuss and Winnie the Pooh books. If your kids are a bit older, you can also get them interested in classics like The Hobbit or the Harry Potter series. You can read them to or with your kids, and then have discussions about what they learned from the story. Think of it as a kind of mini book review, that you can have at least twice a week. By having these weekly book reviews you’ll not only teach your kids a love for reading, but you’ll also get to spend quality time with them. Read Personalized Books

Model building

Model building

Model building is another hobby you can take up with your kids. There are many types of models that you can build with your kids. You can build model trains with your kids. There’s a certain joy to watching a train glide across rails and landscapes that you assembled yourself. 

You can also build historical miniatures depicting battles and the soldiers that fought in them. By building these miniatures, you’ll not only have fun making them, but you could also teach your kids a lot about history. There are also some fantasy-themed models if you prefer a more otherworldly theme. A word of caution though, most of these models have very small parts and it is very easy for kids to accidentally swallow them. So you should be extra vigilant when you’re building your miniatures. Put small parts in a box that they can’t easily open or break. The model building might be a pleasant and tame hobby, but if you work with kids, you will need to be as careful as possible.


Downtime during a quarantine no longer needs to be a nightmare for parents. With these hobby ideas, you’ll be able to have constructive fun and spend quality time with your kids.