If you are looking for an attractive and beautiful design canvas t-shirt, then bella canvas 3001 is a great option. This short-sleeved tee comes in different variants from plain to print, to suit your style. Therefore, you can style these t-shirts according to your need, and you cannot go wrong with them. These are considered the number one choice among people.

You can pair it with trousers, pants, shorts, or skirts. These t-shirts are unisex. However, do you know how you can find the perfect one for you, what things you should keep in mind while picking the right Bella t-shirt for you or what makes these t-shirts an excellent choice? If not, then you are at the right place. Here is a brief guide for you about Bella canvas which will help you find your perfect Bella t-shirt and know about it in detail.

Things you should know about Bella canvas 3001 before buying

1. It starts with the cotton

The cotton used in Bella canvas is combed and ring-spun established from their banks. These t-shirts are made up of the finest and purest cotton. That means the long-staple cotton will be light on your body and softer, while the short-staple will be a bit tight. It is one thing that makes these Bella canvas t-shirts different from their competitors. These t-shirts are known for their high quality and great attention to detail.

2. Fit and feel

Comfort and fit are the priority of the Bella canvas 3001. These are designed to provide great fitting to their customers. If you observe different shapes of the human body, you will find that none of them is shaped like a tube. Due to this, Bella canvas will never produce t-shirts in tabular shapes. Instead, they are available in different shapes and sizes and is a healthier texture with a blend of cotton polyester to provide comfort and warmth. 

3. Colour selection

From black to blue to red to yellow to orange, you will find unlimited colour options in Bella canvas 3001. These t-shirts will compliment your body structure quite well. Apart from colour options, they also try to focus on the trendiest colours like pastel blues and pinks in their product. There are no such colours that you will not find in these t-shirts.

4. Best printing

As already mentioned, this shirt uses the best cotton quality while allowing them to create A1 graphics. But do you know the reason behind it? This is because the fabric and texture of the t-shirts are so smooth. Besides this, the dyes used in these t-shirts are energy dyes. That means these t-shirts are resistant to discolouration. No matter how often you wash it, the colour will remain intact. The designs of the t-shirts and graphics will stay vibrant and sustainable. 

How can you pick the right size of Bella T-shirts?

The size of the Bella t-shirt starts from XS to 2XL. Of course, you can pick according to your equitable size, but if you haven’t ever purchased online, you might get confused about finding the perfect one. In that case, you can follow this guide and find out your perfect size.

  • If you want to order a t-shirt for men, then follow the ratio 1-2. However, if you want to buy for women, you must follow 2:1. Now you must be confused. What is this? In several cases, people often buy a loose t-shirt for fear of being shrunk. But it is not the case every time. Therefore, you can find the perfect size if you pick the t-shirt according to this ratio.
  • If you want to wear these t-shirts to the yoga studio or cheerleading, opt for a smaller size. No doubt, if you make smart assumptions. You will be able to find a perfect tee for yourself.
  • If you are confused about finding a perfect Bella canvas 3001 tees for you, then place an order for the sample. You can check out the product specs or even talk to the customer care service about the size and fit of the t-shirt.
  • They will offer you both slim-fit t-shirts and relaxed fir t-shirts. Slim fir t-shirts don’t mean they will be small in size; it is just that they will perfectly hug your body and highlight your curves. On the other hand, the relaxed t-shirts are a little bit oversized. However, they provide you with cosy vibes.
  • Besides this, there is a sample program held every calendar year. You can take advantage of it and buy at least 7 sample t-shirts of different sizes and styles. The best part is that they will offer you 50% off during this sample program.

What makes Bella canvas 3001 a best-selling and most loved one?

These t-shirts are like a magic box whose qualities and features will never stop. You will find so many hidden features that make this t-shirt the most loved collection and best-selling year. First, however, let’s disclose those characteristics of Bella canvas 3001.

1. Durability

The strong side of these t-shirts is that they are quite durable. It can last you for many years. Even after plenty of washes, the material of the t-shirt will never get change. You can style them according to your comfort and use them as much as you want. These t-shirts can be worn for years.

2. Comfortable

These Bella canvas 3001 t-shirts are 100% soft, lightweight, and relaxing and come with a tear-away label. That means you can wear them as long as you want and you will feel great. These lightweight fabrics and colour designs have made these t-shirts a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

3. Attractive

The retail fit of these Bella t-shirts makes them look more attractive and classy. They fit your body perfectly and hug it well. You can flaunt your curves, chest and torso with these t-shirts. Besides this, the ribbed stitching around the collar has made these t-shirts stylish, elegant, comfy, and fresh for years.

In Conclusion

It is all around Bella canvas 3001. You can find these t-shirts both online and offline ease. They are quite affordable and come in various colours and varieties. So what are you waiting for? Go get your Bella t-shirt now and style them in different ways.