In recent years, people around the world have become more interested in alternative medicine than ever before. Perhaps it’s because of the growing concerns about the dangerous side effects of chemical drugs that made people seek less invasive treatments. In any case, healing crystals are an integral component of today’s alternative medicine. Crystals and crystal healing therapy might be a newcomer in the modern wellness scene; however, they were first used by ancient cultures thousands of years ago. They come in many shapes and have various properties thereby, making each suitable for specific purposes.

Moldavite is one of the most popular healing crystals that is believed to have been created 14.7 million years ago when melted pieces of a meteor crashed into the region now known as the Czech-Austrian borders in Central Europe. Moldavite crystals belong to the Tektite group, which is Greek for ‘melted’, referring to their formation process. Unlike other Tektite stones, authentic Moldavite crystals are mostly translucent with a hint of a deep green color around the edges. If you’re intrigued by this peculiar crystal and would like to learn more about it, you have come to the right place. Below you’ll find some of the benefits of using and wearing a Moldavite crystal.

Physical Healing

Moldavite crystals are believed to have powerful physical healing powers as follows:

Used as a Diagnostic Tool

By using this Tektite crystal, you can help identify and diagnose any ailments. You can either wear or hold the crystal to activate its incredible powers. As per experienced healers, upon touching the crystal, you’ll feel a tingling sensation that’s especially notable in the infected area in your body. 

Supports Healing

Beyond identifying your disease or ailment, Moldavite crystals also initiate the healing process as they encourage your cells to restore their natural state of wellness. As per the information on, the green color of this powerful crystal is said to be one of the main reasons why it helps effectively treat numerous eye diseases. Using moldavite crystals with other healing crystals intensifies their effectiveness and enhances their potency even more.  

Helps in Protecting Mental Health

If you commit to wearing your Moldavite crystal as a piece of jewelry for a long time, it’ll act as a protector for your mental health as it’ll slow down your aging process and keep your memory in tiptop shape. If you ever worry about your aging parents, a Moldavite crystal makes for an amazing gift that’ll help them enjoy a long life of quality.

Collecting healing crystals and precious stones brings satisfaction. Aside from moldavite crystal, a glass-like mineral such as tektite or impactite is worthy of any collection display. For instance, the Libyan desert glass is a similar tektite stone, a rare find with origins that involve a meteor shower about 29 million years ago in the Sahara Desert.  

Helps in Fighting Infertility

There are several things that can kill fertility, such as obesity, stress, alcoholism, and smoking. If you’re still practicing these ill behaviors, then it’s about time to embrace clean living. Aside from a healthy lifestyle, you can use a moldavite crystal to combat fertility problems.

After using the green crystals, many people claim they can help in treating cases of unexplained infertility. The holy properties of the Moldavite crystals bring upon prosperity and good fortune which is essential for getting over the hurdles of infertility. As mentioned above, you’d be able to feel their intense energy just by holding them in your hands for a few seconds. 

Treats Hair Loss

A dull and damaged hair can affect an individual’s health and well-being. Poorly kept hair can harbor microorganisms that can cause infection. Aside from being extra cautious about the brand of the hair products you’re using, it’s also important to find other means to avoid hair loss. Protect the beauty and glamour of your crowning glory by using moldavite.  

Given its powers in the replenishment and growth of new cells, moldavite crystals are often prescribed as a trusted treatment for hair loss. The most important thing is to commit to consistent use and to always make sure you cleanse the crystals with sage after use to restore their powers. 

Supports the Respiratory System

How can you ensure safeguarding your respiratory health in the new normal (time during the pandemic)? With the existence of deadly COVID-19 or coronavirus, human existence is greatly challenged, causing complicated pneumonia and death worldwide. While scientists have discovered vaccines against this virus, it pays off staying keen about the alternative ways to support your respiratory system and overall health, such as using moldavite crystals.

If you’re always struggling with respiratory issues, moldavite crystals can do wonders in fending off allergies, asthma, and other diseases triggered by air pollution. 

Treats Some Cases of Gout

Gout is a type of inflammation that affects the joints and causes episodes of pain and discomfort. If you’ve ever experienced this kind of pain, you’ll appreciate how Moldavite crystals can help you forget about it once and for all. 

Emotional Healing

Moldavite crystals are equally incredible in promoting emotional healing to those who are struggling and can’t seem to find a way out. If you’re concerned about your emotional wellbeing, here are some ways Moldavite crystals can help you:

Balances out Heart and Mind

More often than you’d prefer, you’ll find your mind and heart in a state of dissociation. This disconnectedness can leave you with a sense of emotional turbulence that you’d do anything to resolve. Moldavite crystals have unique properties that can bring your heart and mind in harmony to restore your sense of peace. 

Makes you More Compassionate

Being a compassionate human being is a step above being empathetic because it involves you taking action. Not only will using and wearing Moldavite crystals make you feel for others, but they’ll also even inspire you to act on those feelings instead of just losing yourself in the feelings. Compassionate people were found to lead happier and more peaceful lives than others. 

Releases Bottled-up Emotions

This is especially true for sensitive people. If you define yourself as independent, you know how keeping your emotions to yourself without expressing them can be quite a burden. Experienced energy-healers use Moldavite crystals to create a release for people who struggle with bottled-up emotions.

Treats Emotional Traumas

For people who’ve gone through emotional traumas in their lives at the hands of an abusive partner or parent etc., Moldavite crystals can do wonders for them. Consistently wearing the crystal around your neck or simply holding them for a few minutes every day, you’ll start embracing your emotional pains and allow them to come to the surface until they eventually heal.

Spiritual Healing 

A Moldavite crystal is one of the best stones that you can use while meditating to open yourself up to spiritual healing. If you’re intrigued by the mystic world of chakras, here are a few ways the green Moldavite crystals can help you:

Opens up and Activates the Chakras

Opening up your Chakras means that energy is flowing smoothly through your entire body. This happens when your physical, emotional, and spiritual health is in complete balance. Not only does the Moldavite crystal work on enhancing all three fronts, but it’s also particularly potent with opening up major Chakras like the heart, crown, and third eye. 

Connects you to the Universe

Connects you to the Universe

There are many legends that suggest that Moldavite Crystals are powerful holy stones created with a mission to reconnect humans with the universe. Many people who tried wearing them, reported a heightened feeling of connectedness and awareness they never felt before. 

Moldavite crystals are mighty stones that you can rely on to bring harmony and restore balance to your life. However, because of their high potency, beginners like yourself can feel overwhelmed by Moldavite crystals, which is why you should start slow. Wear your stone for a few minutes a day at first until you get used to the ‘Moldavite flush,’ then you can use it more as you go.