There has always been a lot of confusion with the factors that affect our fertility health. In general, there is very less awareness around infertility health. We know that smoking causes cancer but how many of us know that smoking can even affect our fertility health. Yes, this is the way how fertility health has always been a topic that has not been discussed nor given any importance you. The reason is that fertility health was always considered to an inability that happens only to few people and this was considered to be a rare phenomenon as well. But long gone are the days where infertility happens to 1 in 1000 but the recent truth is infertility affect 1 in 3. Given such a huge number of infertility cases, it is only now people have started to come out and talk about infertility. People need to understand that infertility is not a disease but a condition by which the person will not be able to reproduce normally. This condition is going to affect us to an extent which is very specific to childbirth alone and there are no health effects. Infertility happens so subtly that there is no symptom at all.

Let us now look into the things that can kill your infertility health. To understand these things, our team visited one of the best IVF treatment center in Mumbai with the best success rate in that city to ascertain the most common reasons. The reasons and the finding came out as a surprise and we realized how delicate our fertility health was and that no one is even aware of these:

  • Being overweight is a very big enemy to our fertility health. In men, doctors say that being overweight affects the sperm quality and hence infertility happens. In women, this will cause complications in getting pregnant and also will lead to high-risk pregnancy like miscarriages and so on. Hence it is very important to keep your weight in control and also the way how you eat and walk. Physical activity not only helps you reduce weight but also keep your BP and sugar levels at a very good rate.
  • Stress is another important factor which subtly leads to infertility if not taken good care. Stress also leads to mental illness and can lead to depression so you need to help yourself in managing the excess stress that is driving you crazy.
  • Drinking alcohol is at a moderate quantity is not going to affect you but when the quantity and the frequency are high then there is some bad news for you.
  • Smoking irrespective of the quantity is bad for your health. At one of the best infertility treatment in Chennai which is specialized in treating male infertility, the most common reason for infertility in a male is smoking and drinking. Indulging in these habits at a very young age will cause a lot of problems.