Dealing with stress can be easy if you have healthy coping mechanisms. But if you find yourself spiraling down the hole of unhealthy habits, you’re inviting more stress in your life. Unhealthy coping mechanisms like binge-eating, excessive sleeping and being indifferent can provide a person temporary relief from stress, but often they end up causing more stress along with feelings of guilt. It is a vicious cycle. Today, I am going to talk about a few stress busters that are so effective, people swear by them.

Working out daily

workout daily 5 Biggest Stress Busters of All Time

Physical activity like  plays an important role in stress management. Exerting physical effort can make a stressed person feel like they have done something right – which is, trust me, a rarity for someone who has been stressed. At first, you might find it hard to develop a routine. Taking care of your body is a way of showing yourself some love, and you won’t get where you want to be by ignoring your body’s needs. A daily work-out of 20 minutes should be enough for making a difference.

Quit smoking

quit smoking 5 Biggest Stress Busters of All Time

You will often notice that people who are stressed can resort to smoking. Or, people who generally smoke can do that more often if they are stressed. Nicotine in the cigarettes can cause an immediate relaxation in the body, which might lead a smoker to believe that it helps relieve the stress. This can’t be farther from the truth.

Smokers do not notice the fact that nicotine is addictive and therefore, one of the unhealthy coping mechanisms. If you do not smoke after you have been smoking for some time, your body goes into withdrawal, and you feel the need to smoke and it is the biggest stress busters of all time; if unfulfilled it can cause stress.

Try cannabis

try cannabis

If you find that you cannot handle your stress as effectively as you would want to despite all your efforts, then you should discuss this option with your doctor. Unprocessed cannabis smoked or consumed in the form of oil in limited amount can be helpful when dealing with stress. Just make sure you administer it under supervision. You can find good quality cannabis at Lotusland Cannabis Club

Interacting with people

try cannabis

Often, stress is a remnant of our interaction with toxic people. Being social can help deal with stress, but people who have only seen abusive relationships in their lives might not ship it. Forging healthy relationships need a bit of social skill; you need to learn where to draw your boundaries and how to not expect from people more than one should. Join a social group or community; there are groups of people who help each other go through problems like, depression, anxiety, and stress.

Meditation and yoga

meditation and yoga

Taking a retreat in the spiritual world now and then can ensure that you stay emotionally functional and happy. With our constantly evolving world’s fast lifestyle, it is easy to get lost in the realm of materialism. And before you know it, a sense of chaos can take over. I suggest that you should meditate or do guided yoga lessons.