Staying fit means staying in good health physically as well as mentally. And being physically fit makes you feel good about yourself too. So, you must spare sometime for exercising even if it is as less as 10 minutes. Yes, even working out for 10 minutes daily can make you fit. This 10 minutes fast fat blasting workout video will work for your entire body. In this video, you’ll see Andrea Orbeck who is a celebrity trainer and fitness expert. She has also trained many Victoria’s Secret models, and now she’ll train you in the comfort of your living room and you need no props for this workout. So follow this little intense 10 minute fat blasting circuit and get into shape!

This 10 minutes fast fat blasting workout video will work for your entire body.


The 10 minute fat blasting workout includes these following exercises.

1. Speed Skater – For 1 Minute

2. Plie Squat – 25 Reps

3. Side Jump – For 1 Minute

4. Arabesque – 25 Reps

5. Curtsy Lunge – 1 Minute

6. Fly With Dead Lift – 25 Reps

7. Plie Jump – 1 Minute

8. Lateral Lunge – 15 Reps

Perform this superb Victoria’s Secret Model’s fat blasting workout diligently and you will see the difference soon.