Living rooms are the most vibrant place where families gather and spend time while enjoying each other’s company. This place should have some elements that make the space lively. Incorporate things that make it yours and resonate with your personality. Give it your touch. Here are few things that will make the living room a space to live, feel and relax. You can also consider LED extrusions and choose from recessed to surface mounted

The seating zone

The seating area defines the look of the living room. May it be chat with family and friends or spending some leisure time while sipping a cup of coffee, reading a book or taking a nap. Add lots of pillows on the sofa set with a beautiful rug below. Show some creativity to make it look welcoming and a happy place to chill. Also, the seating place has to be a comfy one while fitting into the design of your living room.

The seating area for living room


The one thing that captures everyone’s attention when you enter the living room is the lightings. Well, there are many ways to light up your space but the chandelier elevates the room. It adds great detail to the space. It need not have to be huge and classical. And there are so many options to choose from then may it be contemporary styles pendant lighting chandelier or vintage style attractive deer antler chandelier. It is a must to make any space fancy.

contemporary chandelier

Books And The Shelf

Books add knowledge while the shelf adds value to the space. Book shelf is not just a piece of furniture, in fact; it could be one of the most important features of the living room. Though, sometimes it is overlooked. But if designed properly, it can be the focal point of the living room. After all, the bookshelf enhances the environment of the living space where the books speak a lot about the person residing in the home.

corner book shelf

Pop of Greens

Green plants add the freshness to the room. The indoor plants however needs little bit of care.  But if you are a greenie, you’ll be glad to know some unexpected perks of indoor plants like relieving stress, purifying air and reducing noise. The plants and flowers will bloom your living room with the fresh colors and green. And that’s of course the added benefit.

indoor plants for living room

Piece of Art

Art is the element which adds character to the living room. Whether the interior is modern or traditional, the art will make its space. It should reflect the aura of that place. But keep in mind that it should not be too loud or too soft. Walls shouldn’t be over decorated. The size of your art pieces should be appropriate. The little details will make a big difference in enhancing the overall look of your space.

Art on the walls

The home should be extension of one’s personality and that is why every home is unique with it’s own story. Spruce up your living room with these ideas and let it tell the story that everyone wants to know. Make your living room a place where everyone loves to be.