Ask any interior designer for an amazing hack to make your room more lively and intense, and there are extreme chances that he would recommend you to use Candles. It enlightens the space with a warm glow and looks amazing when decorated and used as centerpiece. It brings that unique charm in the room and so always recommended for home decor. And what enhance their beauty and make them look perfect are complimentary candle holders. Though these holders were primarily used for protection from Candles, but now-a-days it is heavily used to bring that acute look and are preferable choice for home decor.

We know you love to buy these candle holders but you are stopping yourself from buying one because it makes a big hole in the pocket. But not to worry, we are here with some awesome hacks to make these DIY candle holders at home by yourself. And it will also make you feel proud whenever you will look at it.

1. Upcycle perfume bottle into a beautiful Oil Candle

No need to throw away your favourite empty perfume bottle. Upcycle it! Make oil candle and fill the bottle with anything you like.

Upcycle perfume bottle candle holders

2. Modish Candle holder from plywood

This is a great idea to use scrap plywood. You need to get it done from outside but the end result is worth it. Cute and unique candle holder.

plywood candle holders

3. Use hurricane glass vase for Classy DIY Candle holders

Hurricane candle holder is great centerpiece adding more elegance to your party decor. For filling the vase you can use things that make the whole look of your event complete. You can use leaves or sand or cinnamon sticks or flowers or even dried and slice oranges.

hurricane glass vase for candle holder

4. Gorgeous and easy upside down wine glass candle holder

Absolutely perfect centerpiece for any special occasion. Like this one is for Christmas, you can replace the ensembles with flowers or anything you like to match your event.

wine glass candle holder


5. Birch bark candle holder for rustic look

Birch bark gives certainly rustic touch but it equally suits the modern home decor.

birch bark candle holder

6. Unique hanging Candle holders from Mason Jars

Hang mason jar candle holders on hooks mounted to barn wood for rustic sconces. Really simple and beautiful!

jar candle holders

7. Sweet mason jar candle holder

Mason jars can be decorated in many ways to use as candle holder. Paint it or decorate it with burlap and laces or just tie it with jute and put floating tea light candle inside.

mason jar candle holder

8. Oyster Candle holders

Oyster shells make very pretty candle holders. The candle holder is worked from top down, holding shells with interior surface upwards.

Oyster Candle holders

9. Pumpkin candle holders

This is perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Fall. You can also paint it or even use glitters, whichever suits more to your decor.

pumpkin candle holders

10. Seashell candles

Make your own  sea shell candles put them together with sand and stones for perfect beach party centerpiece.

seashell candles

11. Candle holder with shells and stones

Yet another candle holder to spruce up your table with beachy things. Well, for other themes you can use different fillers like coffee seeds, pearls etc.

candle holder with shells and stone

12. Candle holder from clothesline clips

You can make this decorated candle holder using a tin and clothesline clips. This is really easy and cool. Even if you don’t want to paint it, use washi tape and craft it with other ensembles, you can just clip the tin with clothesline clips, put a glass in center and Voila! its done.

candle holder from clothesline clip

13. Wine bottle used for Candle

One of the best way to use your wine bottles. You have to be a little careful while cutting the bottle here. You can get the tutorial at Lovely Greens.

wine bottle candle


14. Wine cork candle holder

If you are a wine enthusiast, you’ll love this idea as you may already have the collection of wine corks. Or else you can ask a local restaurant, banquet hall, or winery to save corks for you. You can also buy them if you don’t want to ask for it to anyone.

Wine cork candle holder

15. Cement candle holder designed with lace

A great idea! Lace design imprinted on cement votives. Get inspiration for other ingenious use of lace and doilie here.

Cement candle holders designed with lace

Amongst these DIY candle holders which one would you like to try. Let us know in the comment section below.