It’s a good idea to upgrade the look of your apartment every once in a while. Just because you live in an apartment that is modestly sized doesn’t mean that it has to look bland; the limited space can actually help amplify the effect of any small details you add. Many home decor experts like to play with different wall colors and furniture fabrics to elevate the look of modest apartments. You can start the changes from your wall design and find prints online in a variety of styles to match any decor, and they’re easy to hang up yourself. Plus, they’ll make your place look more stylish and put together. Whether you choose a modern abstract print or a classic landscape, wall canvas prints can help you transform your space into somewhere you’re proud to call home. If you would like to give your apartment a new look, you have come to the right place. Below, you will find 6 details that will upgrade your simple apartment and add some magic to it.

Cover Plain Walls with Wallpaper

Plain walls have become a very basic choice that many people are trying to steer clear from. A plain wall was typically thought to be the only option you have if you are planning on hanging art or other accessories. However, the aesthetics have changed and it’s now totally acceptable to hang a portrait against patterned wallpaper. Nowadays, you can find wallpapers in different colors, patterns, and textures. Whatever your taste, you will be able to find one that speaks to you and can add a touch of elegance to your simple apartment.

You can be adventurous and go for a loud, bold wallpaper, but make sure that it’s not something you will quickly tire of. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, go through home decor magazines, or look for inspiration on Pinterest before you make your final decision. 

Experiment with Cushions

It’s impressive how an item as simple as a cushion can completely change the look of your apartment. If you have been wanting to change your living room couch, but don’t have enough money, don’t worry, cushions can do the trick. According to the experts at Simply Cushions, cushions are the perfect way to highlight your unique style. Whether you prefer modern and edgy designs or traditional classics, you can bring your vision to life if you choose the right colors and patterns for your cushions.

Even the way you arrange your cushions can affect the final look of your apartment. If you are interested in upgrading your apartment, but still want to maintain the neat, minimalist aesthetic, you can stick to a 2-1 cushion arrangement where you add 2 different-sized cushions in one corner of your couch, and place one in the other corner. The options are endless when it comes to cushions, so take the time to experiment until you find the ones that best suit your taste. 

Up your Rug Game

Rugs can be used to bring the whole room together. Go for new shapes and textures to replace the plain ones that you already have. They don’t have to be fancy silk rugs; the idea is to find ones that can elevate your home and make it look posher at a minimal cost. When you are shopping for rugs, there are some factors to bear in mind. Functionality, for example, is of utmost importance. No matter how much you love the light color on a rug, if you have kids, you know that it would be impossible to keep it clean.

Next, you should consider the fabric the rug is made from. If you or a family member suffer from allergies, you have to look for a hypoallergenic one to protect your family’s health. This year it’s all about animal prints and vintage-looking rugs. According to your preference and with the above factors in mind, take your friends and go rug-hunting. You will need other opinions when you see the countless designs and shapes in the market. 

Decorate with Photos

Decorate with Photos

It’s time to print a few of the thousands of photos you have saved on your mobile phone. Choose the photos you love from your family vacations and get them framed to decorate your apartment. Search online to find a plethora of ideas on how you can stylishly arrange your photos. Think different-sized frames and unique patterns to bring your simple family room to life. Aside from the added aesthetic appeal, hanging photos of your loved ones will create a cozy vibe and give you a reason to smile every time you walk into your apartment. 

Hide Electrical Cords

Nothing is more stressful than the sight of tangled electrical cords in the middle of your living room. Using a few smart tricks, you can completely get rid of this annoying problem and upgrade your simple apartment. You can invest in some cord protectors that come in interlocking designs and can be customized to any length you desire. The best thing is that you can find them in different colors to match your floor. It’s also a good way to eliminate tripping hazards and keep your floors looking clean and tidy. 

Add Some Greenery

Adding plants inside your apartment is a complete game-changer, it will feel like you have brought your home to life. If you don’t have enough experience with plants, seek guidance from a local florist to advise you on the best kinds a beginner like you can handle. Your apartment’s access to sunlight might limit your choices, but you will still find a wide variety to choose from. You should look for plants that have interesting shapes and grow colorful flowers to add an extra element of beauty to your apartment. In addition to the actual plants, you can buy some colorful pots to complement the design of your apartment. 

Making some changes to your living space doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. With a few simple details like the ones mentioned above, you can revamp your apartment and make it look fresh and more interesting. These simple renovations can uplift your mood and make you look forward to spending more time indoors. You will also be more encouraged to invite your friends over for cozy movie nights when it’s too cold outside. It’s a good thing the above suggestions are inexpensive and easy to implement, so you can get right to it.