Old CDs are today nothing but a redundant item in your shelf. Your old CDs have become a thing of bygone age as the digital downloads and streaming devices have changed the way we listen to the music. CDs are one of those things that we stow even if they are of no use. So, let’s just not discard your old CDs and instead  turn them into something beautiful and artistic. Here, we share  some impressive DIY ideas to use your old CDs. Don’t wait! Turn your CDs into works of art with these amazing DIY projects!

1. Coasters

These beautiful coasters from your old CDs is a perfect project to try. Easy and cool!


Get the complete tutorial at Crafts by Amanda.

2. A mirror

This mirror frame looks ritzy and simply fits into any kinda home decor. You can even go for ovals or rounds or just any arbitrary design and make your own classic mirror.

cd mirror

Get the complete tutorial at Intuition Physician.

3. A bird bath

My favorite project! With this easy DIY you can help your feathered friends beat the heat.

bird bath


4. Bejwelled Shirt Collar

This is so pretty and it will hardly take minutes to DIY this chic collar. You can also cut big triangles and place them on your collar if you don’t like random shapes.

fashionable collar


5. Statement Necklace

If collar isn’t enough then try this statement necklace. You may also like to check other beautiful DIY statement necklaces. Get all the tutorials here.

statement necklace

Get the complete tutorial for this statement necklace at Anna Evers Blog.

6. A Hologram Clutch

This clutch from old CDs is an absolute fun project with obviously a superb end product!

hologram cd clutch

Get this  video tutorial by Evelina here. You may also like to know how to make stylish Emilio Pucci inspired beaded clutch in few easy steps.

7. Wall Hangings

Instead of cards gift your friends and kids these cute DIY ornaments. They will love it for sure!

cd wall hangings

Get the complete tutorial at Hometalk.


8. CD hangings for teen room

Again a cool idea to decorate wall of your teen’s room. You can keep it as it is to reflect the light or you can cover all the CDs with photos or any other design.

CD hangings for teen room

Get the complete tutorial at Creative Me Inspired You.

9. A Disco Ball

Just cut down your old CDs into squares or rectangles and stick them with the glue to the ball of your choice and its done. Such a fun and easy project with no mess!

disco ball


10. A Table Lamp

Have a lot of old CDs? Stack them up to make a table lamp. In this project you have to get things done from outside too. But that’s fair enough if you want to get such fine finished project.



11. Mosaic Flower Pot

With these old CDs make cute mozaic flower pots which will add to the beauty  of your garden.

flower pot earth

Get the complete tutorial at The DIY show.

12. Mosaic Table

If you want to try a bigger project, you can also DIY this mozaic table.
Mosaic table

Get the complete tutorial at Imgur.

Hope you like the ideas. So, which one will you be making this weekend?