Emilio Pucci is known for its quirky designs that come with a hefty price tag. So, isn’t it great if you can create your own Emilio Pucci inspired clutch than spending thousands of dollars on it? Yes, with dozens of beads and stones in the same shade, jewelry glue, and an old box clutch, you can DIY your beaded box clutch. And this fab little clutch will gracefully turn any outfit into a statement!

For this project you will need:
1) A variety of beads, rhinestones and natural stones. You can find them at Hobby Lobby.
2) A nice durable jewelry glue. (Recommended – the Jewelry glue by Martha Stewart or E6000)
3) An old box clutch.
4). Dimensional Magic Mod Podge (Optional)

emilio pucci clutch tutorial


Step-by-step Instructions:
1). Organize all your beads for easy access and use an image for reference.
2). Use a durable jewelry glue or embellishing glue.
3). Glue your biggest pieces first. Those will be your point of reference for building your design.
4). Continue layering the jewels/stones creating the desired design leaving as little gaps as possible.
5). Use tweezers for smaller beads. Makes life much easier.
6). For the remaining gaps fill them with Dimensional Magic and sprinkles seed beads on top.

Check out the complete video of tutorial below.



This awesome tutorial is done by Evelina, a fashion blogger. You can also visit her blog at evelinafashioncafe.com