When it comes to choose a gift for someone, most of the times we left confused. We become very choosy because we want it to be perfect for that someone whom we are going to present it. And just like we all love receiving beautifully wrapped gift-boxes almost as much as the gift itself, like a marketing gift box, we also want to present it in the best wrapping style.

If you are the kind of gift-giver who puts a lot of thought into making everything perfect, these gift wrapping ideas would definitely help you on how to dress up your gift.

In this post we are featuring some very interesting designs revolving around the regular: flowers, hearts, ribbons, and the extraordinary: clothespin and string, and the downright peculiar: paper sheet wrapping and raw stuff: newspaper, paperboard and a little bit of Geometry.

At the very least, we hope that this post will encourage you to not settle for the boring rectangular box and to put a little bit more heart into making this a very wonderful Gift.

[1] Colorful Pixel Weave

Colorful Pixel Weave

[2] Paper Bloom

Paper Bloom

[3] Potato Heart Print

Potato Heart Print


[4] Creative Gift Box

Creative Gift Box

[5] Reindeer Paper Bag

Reindeer Paper Bag

[6] Sketched Flower Stickers

Sketched Flower Stickers

[7] Toffee Wrapper

Toffee Wrapper

[8] Little Strip Paper Pouch

Little Strip Paper Pouch

[9] Twisted Sugar Twine

Twisted Sugar Twine

[10] Paper Curls

Paper Curls


[11] Paper Orchid Bloom

Paper Orchid Bloom

[12] Hard Paper Pyramids With Ribbons

Hard Paper Pyramids With Ribbons

[13] Hand Print Wrappers

Hand Print Wrappers

[14] Newspaper Capitals

Newspaper Capitals

[15] Bow Tie From A Fabric Scrap

Bow Tie From A Fabric Scrap

[16] Simple Gift Bag

Simple Gift Bag

[17] Gift Box With A Heart

Gift Box With A Heart Ideas

[18] Cute Paper Ribbon Bow

Cute Paper Ribbon Bow

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