Gifts play a very important role in our social life. They build our relations with other people. We exchange gifts with others on different festivals, events etc. Whether it’s for someone’s birthday, a wedding, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day or even for a new born baby, gifts have a central role in the way we interact with each other.

Gifts speak our love for one other. The selection of gift is an art. Our gifts must represent two things. First, they must bring instant smile on your dear ones face, the gift they would like to treasure for life. Second it becomes more precious if they are your own creation. They must be the part of your own nature. Different creative gifts become a part of the memory of the person who receives. And according to us the best thing you can gift anybody is the photograph filled with emotions and fond remembrances.

When you ask anyone what possessions they would rescue from their burning house, one of the most obvious answers is the photograph album or a computer with their digital images. When in panic mode it’s interesting that we would probably grab photos rather than valuable jewelry. This impulse to save our recorded memories is a powerful force which tells us much about the role of photography in our lives and our constant desire to distil our most precious moments into images.


But wrapping up a photograph and presenting as a gift doesn’t sounds cool. Though people started this trend where they print the photographs on coffee mugs and pillow covers, but today even those doesn’t sounds creative. To know which photography gifts stands out in the most amazing way check out the below video by COOPH.

And the interesting part is they are really easy to make. So, even if you are not that creative, no worries! Go for it!


If you still feel that this DIY is not your cup of tea then you can gift this amazing and most popular Camera to your loved ones. It will definitely leave them astonished.