For today’s generation, the internet has been a basic necessity not just for adults but also for kids. Kids are using the internet for various purposes, whether for doing school homework, doing research, learning something new, or entertainment.

With the increasing use of the internet by kids, most parents are concerned about their children’s safety.

There are many bad websites on the internet which does not verify age, and children can easily access the website. These websites can be extremely harmful to their children, which most parents are concerned about.

Likewise, you can hear many crimes related to cyberbullying, harassment, blackmailing that children are victims of. You can read and hear such new cases of such crime almost every day.

There are millions of websites on the internet; some can be good, while so can be extremely bad for your children. Hence, you should be able to categorize good and bad websites for your children.

Here in this article, I have mentioned ten bad websites that are extremely dangerous for your children, and you should block them right away:


10 Bad Websites to Block On Your Kids Devices Right Now

Tinder is a dating app that provides you a platform to meet new people, go on a date with them, or even build some serious relationships with them.

It is easy to use the dating app here; all you have to do is create a profile with a short bio on the profile. In the profile, you should upload a photo of yourself.

Tinder shows your photo to other tinder users around you, allowing them to swipe left and right according to their interests. If some people are interested in you, they swipe right and swipe left if they are not interested in you. When anyone swipes right on your picture, you will be notified.

Tinder sounds fun and provides you a platform to meet new people. Likewise, teens can take rejection very seriously, and tinder does not notify its users when their pictures are swiped left, which is the positive side of tinder.

However, it is not considered a good website for your kids and teenagers as it can bring lots of danger for children, teens, and even adults in some cases.

Not all the people on tinder are good, some people can have bad intentions, and you do not know them in person, hence makes it difficult to trust the person in the first place.

Sometimes, adults can get in trouble when they meet bad people. While children and teenagers can have difficulties identifying people with good and bad intentions, it creates danger.

Likewise, you can lie about your age on tinder, and children and teenagers can increase their age to be on the app. And children are not aware that strangers can identify their exact location, which can be dangerous.

Similarly, tinder allows people to create danger for teens if they do not have good intentions. Also, some people can scam and blackmail children and teenagers.

Using tinder, children and teenagers can get emotionally affected through betrayal, heartbreak, and so on.



10 Bad Websites to Block On Your Kids Devices Right Now

Periscope is an app for live streaming that provides a platform for users to share their real-time experience using their mobile phones and tablets.

Using this app, users can go live when they are at events like weddings, parties, or traveling. They can also start live streaming when watching some games or cooking some food.

Apart from video streaming, viewers can interact in the live stream by liking the stream and sending replies. You can even download your video once you end the live stream.

However, the app is not free from the negative aspects; there are many negative aspects of this app if it is not used correctly.

This app can be dangerous for teenagers and children as they can have both good and bad people.

Periscope can be a harmful website for your kids when they engage themselves in harmful content like a crime-related stream, pornography, use of abusive languages, and more. Sometimes, some live streams can have one title and contain harmful content. 

These days, children and teens are concerned with the number of followers; if they have more followers than their peers, they are considered “cool kids.”

Hence, to increase their number of followers, children can post videos containing sexual content and use abusive language to gain attention. They can also add inappropriate comments on others’ live streams to gain attention towards them and increase their followers.

Furthermore, followers can add inappropriate comments, send them messages, and harass them, due to which kids and children can be mentally and emotionally affected.


10 Bad Websites to Block On Your Kids Devices Right Now is a website that provides unlimited comics and can be a favorite site for comic readers. If you are a comic reader, you would love the app as there are many comics based on genres. You can find comics in any genre and spend hours without getting bored.

The website even provides the favorite list that allows you to list your favorite comics and find them easily whenever you want to read.

Even though the website does not sound dangerous, however, the comics can contain contents like language violence, teenage life revenge, disturbing graphics, sexual content, and more. Such contents are not good for teenagers and children, and it can have a negative impact on them.

For example, when children read comics related to teenage-life revenge, they try to do the same in real life. And slowly, they start to build a negative character of themselves.

Likewise, children can get obsessed with a comic that is not a productive activity and can give less time for their studies.

Kik Messenger

Bad Website for kids

10 Bad Websites to Block On Your Kids Devices Right Now

Kik Messanger is an instant messaging app that was initially introduced to share music and allowed the provided feature of sending limited text messages. You can send messages to random strangers using Kik using WiFi or mobile data.

Kik is one of the popular messaging apps used by more than 300 million people. Kik allows you to have one-to-one communication, group chat, send photos and videos. One of the exciting features of Kik is it will enable you to have an anonymous chat with strangers.

Even though this website has an age restriction, children and teenagers use the app without their parents’ guidance.

Sometimes, children cannot distinguish between the negative and positive aspects. And they might end up using the app for negative aspects without knowing it.

Teenagers and children can easily create an account; even if there is an age restriction, they can increase their age and use the app.

Using this app, children can have a chat with strangers. They can share their personal information with strangers without knowing the person’s intention. They can also involve themselves in sexting, sharing inappropriate pictures or videos of themselves.

Aside from that, children can bully their classmates using the app’s group chat feature. Children can attack one of their classmates, harass them virtually and torture them mentally and emotionally.


bed website for kids

10 Bad Websites to Block On Your Kids Devices Right Now

Askfm is a social question and answer website and is one of the popular websites /apps among teenagers. In this app, you can ask your peers or strangers questions anonymously and get to know more about the person.

You can answer the question in text form or post pictures to answer the question. It even allows you to share your answers on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

If your profile is public, strangers can view your answer, add comments on the answer, and ask you questions anonymously.

Askfm is not considered safe for teenagers and children as there is no age restriction. Even though the app has mentioned an age limit of 13 above, it does not check if the user is above 13. 

On this website, you do not know who your followers are as the website does not provide you information about your follower. All you can view is your total number of followers.  

The more you answer the question on the website, the more chances of gaining followers. In the course of gaining followers and likes on their answers, teenagers end up revealing their personal information on the internet. Later on, anyone can use the information and blackmail them.

This website has provided teenagers a new way to bully and provide a platform to destroy their classmates’ image publicly. Teenagers can ask their peers’ personal questions publicly that can be offensive for them.

Teens also use the app to complement themselves and ask questions about themselves to their peers. Sometimes, peers might negatively affect the teen, affecting them and their relationship with their peers.

This app can reduce children’s self-esteem and be victims of cyberbullying or be a part of the bully.

10 Bad Websites

10 Bad Websites to Block On Your Kids Devices Right Now is a free website that allows you to chat with random strangers without registering on the website. You can chat with strangers anonymously or even have a video chat.

The websites work as a mediator to pair you with a random stranger and provide a platform for both parties to communicate. This website allows people to socialize and is great for introverted people who feel difficult to communicate with people in person.

However, instead of using the website for socializing purposes, people are misusing it and are using the app for sexting and sharing inappropriate videos in video chat. Most people are using the website to flirt and for online dating.

Omegle is considered dangerous for teens and kids as many online predators can trick kids and take their private information. They can even blackmail your children by threatening them to reveal their data.

Likewise, hackers are equally active on the website and are constantly trying to steal users’ information. One of the pitfalls of Omegle is that it saves the chat of users, and if hackers hack the conversation, they can easily blackmail the user.

Moreover, the website does not provide safety guides that ensure children’s safety. Even though the website has mentioned age, no one monitors if the user is telling actual age.



10 Bad Websites

Roblox is a gaming website that enables you to play online games or program games. This website provides a platform for kids to play games and develop their games.

There are more than 50 million games on the website, and you should sign up on the website to play games on the website. You can even interact with other users on Roblox using chat features. 

Even though there are chat features, and the main aim is to increase interaction among people, children rarely use the feature. The game is not free from online predators.

Roblox allows children to enter into an imaginative world. It can have games related to crime, violence, sexual content, etc. Children can get involved in the game too much and forget about their real lives.



10 Bad Websites

4chan is an image-board bulletin website that allows users to add comments and share the content. This website is a Japanese which was launched 17 years ago. This website was created by taking inspiration from Futaba Channel. 

There are different topics on the board like video games, anime, creative, adult content, and more. It does not require you to sign in or create an account to view the website’s contents; simply click on the term and agree on the terms.

Since anyone can view content just by click on terms and conditions, this website can be dangerous for kids as it does contain mature content.

Anyone can post anything picture on any content they like, and all the content is not good for kids. Contents that the site content can be harmful to children’s mental health. Also, there is no one monitoring who are the users on the sites and usage ages.

Monkey. Cool

bad website for kids

10 Bad Websites

Monkey. Cool is similar to Omegle; it is considered an Omegle alternative. It is created to provide a platform for people to communicate with strangers and make new friends.

The app allows people to have video chat for 15 seconds with strangers. But you can add time in the video chat if you want. To have a video chat with a stranger, the app itself matches you with strangers and connects you to have a chat or video call.

Users can use their Snapchat username and mobile number and if they want to continue chatting with the person.

The fun fact about the app is that five teenagers created the app, and currently, there are more than 30 million users.

Even though teenagers created this website, this website is not suitable for teenagers and children.

The website does not provide your data privacy; hence children might add all their personal information like their name, date of birth, photos and videos, IP address, which increases the chances of being the victim of hackers.

Likewise, the app is 17+; however, it does not have any age verification feature, allowing children to use the app without verifying their age.

Similarly, the website is not free from inappropriate and mature content. Kids and teenagers are connected to random strangers, and they may also be connected to online predators. They can also be the victim of cyberbullying; hence, it is dangerous for children.

the chive

10 Bad Websites is a website containing a mix of humor, humanity, and hotness. This website is created just for fun, entertaining people, not informing people. Hence, the app may or may not contain relevant news to entertain people.

Since the website can contain content on any topic, it is not useful for children and teenagers. The website mostly contains sexualized content that is not good for kids, affecting them mentally.

People mostly post such content on the website to be featured and get their post most popular.

The website also contains usages drugs, violence, profanity, humor, and more. It even allows children to search for whatever content they want to harm children.

Using this website, children can connect to strangers, and most of the strangers on the website are online predators.

How to Block Bad Websites from Your Kids Device?

To ensure your children’s safety on the internet and to make sure that they are not using any inappropriate websites, you should block such websites. As a working parent, you may not have enough time to monitor your children using the internet. Hence, blocking the inappropriate website is the best option for you.

Use Parental Monitoring App

As a busy parent, parental monitoring apps are the best option for you to monitor your kids’ internet activities remotely. With parental control apps, you can view what your children are doing on the internet in real-time.

The best parental control app that enables you to monitor your children’s internet and device activities is

The app allows you to block and filter all the inappropriate websites from your kids’ device in few steps. The fun fact about this app is that it monitors your children’s activities in stealth mode.

Using the parental control app, block all inappropriate websites on your kids’ devices. It even filters inappropriate websites and helps develop cyber safety habits among children.

This app also provides you a browser history log that shows your children’s websites and how often they visit those websites. You can even schedule screentime for your children and pause the internet whenever you want using the app.

Block Websites via Router

Apart from the parental control app, you can also block inappropriate websites via a router. There are different ways to block websites from your router. And sometimes, blocking steps also depend on the type of router you are using.

One of the simplest ways to block websites from the router is by using Command Prompt. To block websites using command prompt, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Open Command Prompt.
  • Write ipconfig and press enter.
  • For Macbook users, select the Apple icon and click on Setting Preference, then on Network, and finally, click on Ethernet.
  • Now enter your IP address.
  • Click on security and the content filter. (Note that this step can vary depending upon routers)
  • Now you can add the URL that you want to block and click on apply.


What websites should parents block?

Here are some of the websites that you should immediately block from your children device:

How do I block websites for Kids?

There are different ways for you to block websites for kids; some of them are:

  • By using parental control apps like,, Net Nanny.
  • Using safe search features of search engines like Google, Bings, YouTube, Google Play, etc.
  • While using social media like Facebook and Instagram, make sure you activate safety measures.
  • Use ad blockers that block pop-up advertisements.

Which parental control app is the best?

Currently, there are many parental control apps that are providing several features. Some parental control apps are free of cost, while some have paid versions. Here are some of the best parental control apps:

How do I block inappropriate sites on Google?

By following the following steps, you can block inappropriate sites on google:

Using SurfBlocker

  • Add website blocker extension in Google Chrome.
  • Once the website blocker is downloaded, refresh google chrome to see the extension in the top right corner’s extension.
  • Click on the website blocker icon and select the option.
  • Now turn on the blocker and add URLs of websites you want to block.


Overall it can be said that the internet can be good and bad for children. When children can utilize the internet in a good way, it can benefit the child in numerous ways; they can make their career through the internet.

However, misuse of the internet can not damage children’s careers and can harm them emotionally/ mentally.

As a parent, you should communicate with your children about the good and bad aspects. You should teach them about the age limit, keeping their pictures and personal information private.

To ensure that your kids do not visit any inappropriate websites, you should block such websites. You can even use parental monitoring apps that show you your kids’ internet activities in real-time.