Decorating a teen’s bedroom can be a fun and creative way of personalizing their own space and allowing them a little more say in how their room looks based on what they like most. However, as your child reaches their teenage years, they may begin to no longer like the look and feel of their bedroom and ask for some changes to be made to the space they once loved. 

There are many reasons why a teenager may be keen to shake up the look of their room a little bit. The colors and furnishings that currently fill the room may now be out of style, or not accurately convey their maturity. Perhaps a cartoon or video game they used to love is all over the walls, and they’re a little embarrassed about what they now deem a little too babyish. Either way, if your teen has expressed an interest in changing their room, they may even have some suggestions on how to do so. Together, with a little bit of adult supervision, you may be able to come up with some useful ideas on how to create a space they will love while sticking to a reasonable budget.

Stylish wall art

If you don’t want to undertake the task of completely repainting your teen’s bedroom, or want a compromise regarding what can go up, metal photo prints for the wall can be a great compromise. Your teen may have some favorite photos of themselves with family, friends, and pets that they might like to display. Having these printed onto metal can look both incredibly stylish and edgy, something which might win them points with their friends. They could opt to hang a number of these prints along the different walls of the room to give each a bit of personalization or, alternatively, opt for a singular large print to create a fantastic feature wall.

Consider the different types of beds

While a standard bed may have been suitable for a younger child to help keep them safe and enable them to get in and out easily, you may want to look into other styles for your teen. A loft bed, in particular, may allow them to make better use out of their space. This could allow you to place a desk underneath for homework and gaming, create somewhere their friends could stay over, or even give you ample room for storage solutions for their clothing and other belongings. When buying this type of bed, you may want to look at the different styles available. In addition to this, it can also be important to closely follow the assembly instructions so that the bed will be as secure as possible. For a stylish and versatile option, consider a white bed, as it can easily blend with different room decor styles and create a clean and bright atmosphere in your teenager’s space. Whether you’re aiming for a minimalist, contemporary, or traditional look, a white bed provides a timeless and adaptable design that can suit your teenager’s evolving tastes and needs.

Think about soundproofing

Many teens enjoy watching a number of different movies or shows, and even listening to music. To enable them to do this without disrupting other members of the household, you may want to think about the ways that you can add some level of soundproofing to your teen’s bedroom. While this may not completely block out all the noise, it could make them feel like they have a bit more privacy and freedom within their bedroom. There are a number of ways you can do so, depending on how much work you want to put into it. For more extensive methods, you may want to do so before you do any painting or begin assembling new items.

Allow one piece of the room to stand out

It doesn’t matter if the things you’re putting into the room are brand new or some older pieces of furniture you found at a garage sale. All that matters is how you present it in that space. Allow one area or corner of the room to really pop with creativity. Add some art they’ve made or a few pictures of their favorite bands. Let it have more colour and intrigue than the other parts of the room. Not only will it make your teen feel like they have a space to let their personality shine, but it also complements the rest of the room by allowing it to breathe.

Add a little workspace to the mix

With the right colors and surroundings, a simple desk and a comfortable chair can be transformed into the ultimate study nook. It’s not easy for teenagers to seperate work from play, especially when they’re doing homework in bed. With a little creativity at minimum cost, you can add a small lamp and create an inviting workspace that’s perfect for study time. It may also prevent your teenager from the distractions of gaming and other devices as they sit and focus on their work. 

Include a few plants

Not only are houseplants a great way of adding some calming natural elements to a teenager’s room, but they’re also great for teaching them about care and responsibility. You don’t have to buy big here. One or two simple and small plants will create a more soothing environment for relaxing, studying, and sleeping. 

In Conclusion

As parents or guardians, it’s easy to forget how formative a child’s teenage years are, and just how important it is to have somewhere to express a little individuality and creativity. Not only will a newly decorated bedroom make them feel more grown up and special, but redecorating your teen’s bedroom can also help them to feel like you acknowledge their changes and support their growth. 

And while many adults immediately think of the financial aspects of a newly decorated room, it’s all about knowing how to make use of the space you have. And by keeping an eye on the costs while looking at creative ways to make a space pop a little more, you’ll be saving a lot of money in the process. By making compromises with each other, you may be able to continue strengthening that all-important bond between a parent and child, while teaching them valuable life skills about communication, individuality, and the rewards for good behavior.