Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary. Even though you may not bring guests into your space, it should still exemplify your style and taste. You want to be comfortable. If you need inspiration when you’re talking to the best interior designer, here are some ideas that can help you make your bedroom a place of refuge.

1. Take Inspiration From Seasonal Colors

Use nature’s color palette to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary. Choose neutral wall colors and monochromatic bedspreads, then incorporate pillows and accents from the season. In spring, look for the bright colors of crocuses, daffodils and budding trees. When the leaves start to turn in the fall, go with those colors for an updated look. Winter greens and reds are a lovely way to spruce up your bedroom when the snow flies. The rich colors of summer, deep purple, yellow roses and leafy green make wonderful color palettes that bring a little bit of nature into your indoor haven. Add a queen-sized mattress for the perfect finishing touch.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Vintage and Modern

If you have a piece of antique furniture from your family that you enjoy but still want a modern look, talk to your interior design team about incorporating the two into a unique look. You can still have contemporary amenities and keep your heritage. Using varying textures and patterns, your room will come to life. Layer rugs for a unique look. Include mirrors in your design to make the room appear larger and give you plenty of places to check your look before work.

3. Choose a Statement Piece of Artwork For the Room

Your design team can take inspiration from a picture or piece of artwork to bring a room together. By selecting one print that reflects your personality, you can use it to create a space that is your style and taste. Anchor your design around a motif to begin the design process. The southwest style is often designed around a buffalo or Native American print, but you can select any item that suits your fancy.

4. Install Added Lighting and Amenities

Punch up the comfort level of your bedroom by installing bold lighting and electrical outlets at the same time as you’re redecorating. If your house was built a few decades in the past, it probably doesn’t have enough light for reading or enough outlets to have a TV and other electronics in your room for your comfort. There are plenty of different sconces and styles of lighting that you can put lights anywhere you want.

5. Use Vertical Space

Think about your entire room from the floor to the ceiling. Use the vertical space to shelve knickknacks that add personality to your room while keeping your dresser and armoire clear of clutter. Install backlights that give you a range of light experiences. Use the architectural quirks of the room to make it unique instead of trying to hide the imperfections.

Remember to include heavy drapes that keep out light to let you sleep comfortably. Don’t forget the main purpose of your bedroom in your design creation. Contact professional interior design Malibu to create your perfect bedroom space.