The Queen-sized mattress is one of the most popular mattress types. It comes in standard 60 by 80 inches dimensions (5 by 6.6 feet), which makes it wider and longer than your standard full-size mattress. 

The extra large size and other unique attributes of a queen-size mattress allow it to fit into the requirements of a wide range of buyers. If you’re considering buying a queen-sized mattress but still have doubts or questions, read on for some benefits of this mattress size and tips for choosing the right one. 

Benefits of Queen-Sized Mattresses 

The queen-sized mattress is famous for a lot of good reasons. It isn’t too big or small, which is ideal for almost everyone. The following are some reasons you might want to consider getting one.



Cradle of comfort: Queen-sized mattress for dream-filled sleep.

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Although the comfort level you get from a mattress depends on several other factors, such as the material it is made from, the mattress’s size also matters. The queen-size mattress is just the ideal size for comfort. It is perfect for individuals who like to spread out in bed and couples who want ample space without feeling too far from each other. 

Perfect Size for Different Rooms 

The queen-sized bed is larger than a regular full-sized bed but slightly smaller than a king-sized bed. This puts it in a sweet spot as far as size is concerned. It can fit nearly into guest rooms, master bedrooms and even larger bedrooms without feeling too small or out of place. 


The queen-sized bed is also at a comfortable price point for most people. While it isn’t cheap, it is typically less expensive than the king-sized mattress. Of course, how much you’ll pay depends on the material and design of the mattress you later opt for. 

Perfect for Taller Users and Active Sleepers 

The superior length of the queen-sized bed makes it the perfect option for taller individuals. Even if you’re up to 7 feet tall, you’ll find this bed the ideal size for you. Also, if you tend to toss and turn a lot in your sleep, the larger size of the queen-sized mattress makes it perfect for you. You’ll have enough space to move around without disrupting your sleep. 

Tips for Buying Queen-Sized Mattresses 

Even when you decide to buy a queen-sized mattress, choosing the perfect one can still be challenging. Here are a few tips you might find helpful in picking out the perfect queen-sized mattress for you: 

Consider the Type of Mattress 

The term “queen-sized mattress” only refers to the size of the mattress. You must still consider the type of material the mattress is made from, such as memory foam, innerspring or adjustable air. This will ultimately determine the comfort level of your mattress. For instance, memory foam mattresses are known to provide an extra firm base. However, you might want an innerspring mattress if you want solid support. 

Measure the Size of Your Space 

To determine if a queen-sized mattress is perfect for you, measure your available space. On average, your bedroom needs to be at least 120 square feet in size to fit in a queen-size mattress and leave sufficient space for other items. 

Test It Out if Possible 

The best way to shop for a mattress is to test it in person. Visit the showroom and lie on the mattress for a few minutes to see if it suits you. 

Consider Return Policy

When buying a queen mattress sale, ask about the retailer’s return policy and other conditions. This will make returning the mattress easier if you’re dissatisfied with it after your purchase.