Have a great wine cork collection? Use it to the best. And I guess making a beautiful piece for your Home Decor is one of the finest ways to use your stocked wine corks. It’s because it is so versatile. It can be used to make awesome pieces that will suit any interior. The wooden texture of it blends with the décor. You can make myriad of things with it. But here we have rounded up some of the most innovative and gorgeous home decor items using wine corks that you can DIY.


1. Create some decorative holders or planters from wine corks.

decorative pieces


2. How about a Bath Mat to reuse wine corks?

bath mat


3. Make Coasters using old frames.

You can try different designs and shapes of coasters even without frames.
cork coasters


4. Create a master piece on your wall with the free form art work.

free form art work


5. Easy trick – Use wine corks as Vase Fillers with candles.

Wine cork candle holder


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6. Not just as vase fillers but you can also make a Vase out of corks.

wine cork vases


7. Simply beautiful cork Heart!

Also a great idea to gift it to your special someone.

valentine's cork heart


8. Create a Frame!

Wine cork frame


9. You can make a Monogram out of corks.

Arrange the corks in horizontal or vertical manner. You can also place them on any wooden cut out other than letters to create a beautiful wallpiece.

Wine Cork Monogram


10. Try a Tray!

It is super chic and easier than anything else.

Wine Cork Tray


11. Use corks as mini Succulent Magnetic Planters.

magnetic planters


12. Create a gorgeous Wreath with wine corks.

wine cork wreath


Let us know which one you liked the most from these beautiful diy projects in the comment section below.