There are many opportunities for women in medicine as time goes on and equality is becoming more prominent. When women take on important roles in society it changes the way that society views women as a whole. Women in medicine are usually looked at as inferior to their male counterparts regardless of position or hierarchy.

The physician assistant field has been dominated by men for years and now it is comprised of around 72% women. More and more women began entering schools in aspiration of becoming a physician assistant and created a place for women in medicine. Many people even believe that this particular field is perfect for women due to the high demand for female medical professionals.

More people enjoy female doctors than male, especially women, and usually, request them due to the personable and sympathetic qualities that come with being a woman. Women are great for medicinal careers as they contain the nurturing capability that men just do not have. As women become more popular in the field of medicine, the chances of equality in salary and better male treatment increases.

1. To support fellow women

Many women enter the field of medicine to be there and provide good treatment for other women. In positions like obstetrics and gynecology, female medical professionals are widely requested. Who can understand a woman’s body better than women themselves? This is always thought when women have the opportunity to choose the gender of their doctors and it is what they look for when finding women’s healthcare plans.

Some women believe that men can’t possibly understand what women go through on a daily basis like another woman can and this is usually the criteria they have for choosing the gender of their health care providers. When it comes to breast exams, hormonal imbalances, birth control, and its side effects, body image effects and even simple sexual health, women want the ones that can relate to advise or treat them.

While some men believe that female physicians as a whole do not work hard, some patients think they work more efficiently. There is a connection and mutual understanding about certain things when you put a female patient with a female professional. Even when it comes to pediatrics, many families appreciate their female physician better than the male ones. This is because people often associate proper caregiving and nurture of children with women.

2. Work-life balance

Keeping a balance between life and work is ideal for any working woman. When compared to other medical professional careers, a physician assistant stands out as one of the best positions to have to maintain a work-life balance. Maintaining a balance helps you maintain happiness and that’s the ultimate goal–being happy with your job and your life together.

This career choice can lead to high levels of stress due to physical and emotional exhaustion. But you have the time available to be able to handle your life outside of work quite well. Most of the time physician assistants are on call and sometimes have to work extended hours to maintain vacancies in hospitals and clinics.

With these negative aspects of working in medicine, there is still the happiness that comes with finding a work-life balance. Many people that choose this profession do it for the ending outcome.

3. Stable future

Working in medicine will offer you a stable future in general. Medicine will always be needed and advancements will always be made. As more technology appears within the healthcare field, more positions are created and become available for well-rounded people like physician assistants.

Having a secure future is ideal for anyone looking for a career and physician assistants get just that. Knowing that you are safe when it comes to your job position and salary is comforting. Women and most importantly mothers want that comfort. Many jobs are becoming non-existent as technology advances and positions like this one will be one to stick around.

Many physician assistants are happy with their career choice because of this. Salary trends have changed as more and more women enter the field of medicine. As time goes on unequal pay has been revealed and is still currently a present issue. Women and men together have been working on getting women the salaries they deserve.

4. Job availability

Job availability is another reason why many people, especially women, decide to take the physician assistant route to success. There are always vacancies in this field so finding a physician job today is quite easy. Knowing there will always be a place for you somewhere gives you safety and that results in overall satisfaction with your job.

The question of if robots or artificial intelligence will take over careers like this one and the answer is no. The amount of communication, precision, cleverness, and skills regarding personable interactions will not allow this. The overall position of physician assistants will thrive on as patients need a certain amount of sympathy and human intelligence to be happy with their healthcare experiences.

The future for physicians will always be secure and this is an ideal aspect for a career for a mother or woman in general. There is always room for improvement within this career and that means more job available for those who work as a physician assistant or those who want to.

Some careers related to a physician assistant are:

  • EMTs and Paramedics
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physicians
  • Registered Nurses
  • Nurse Anesthetists

On this account, the healthcare system is in need of skilled professionals in positions mentioned above. This increasing demand for medical professionals around the globe has made the journey of job seekers in this industry somewhat less challenging. For instance, RN nurses can benefit from employment opportunities in different medical settings of their choice and the type of nursing degree they acquire. You can explore the various employment opportunities simply on industry-focused job boards such as PRN Nurses, NurseBuff and NurseFinders.

5. Overall reward

The overall reward of helping others and saving lives beats any difficulty that may come with obtaining this job. Physician assistants do spend a lot of time dealing with stress and sometimes work more than they should. Some even experience burnouts and feel unsatisfied with their careers due to the repetitious duties they have to endure.

Some even have switched their careers to become physician assistants. Previous nurses often take on this role because the amount of disrespect they may have to go through. From being bossed around to having more freedom in what you do and say is an ideal switch for women in medicine.