There are certain aspects of insurance that are unique to women’s health care. Learn what you need to look for in your coverage here.

In today’s busy world, analyzing your health care plan to see what services are available to you as a woman is often not high on the list of priorities.

It’s also possible that to truly give your health the care it deserves, a woman may need services and, potentially, treatments that a basic healthcare plan does not provide.

We’ve put together a handy guide to women’s health insurance, which sets out some of the key features of insurance policies that you should look out for when deciding what’s best for you.

Preventative Health Care

The importance of preventative care really cannot be overemphasized.

Women are vulnerable to a range of conditions that can be detected early through proper screening. Certain preventative care services are available to women whatever plan they choose, without a copayment. These include:

Pregnancy screening services

Screening services available during pregnancy include gestational diabetes screening, Hepatitis B and pre-eclampsia screening and breastfeeding support. 

Sexual Health Services

Women who are sexually active should also take advantage of the following services that all healthcare plans have to provide:

  • Gonorrhea screening
  • HIV screening
  • STI counseling
  • Chlamydia screening

Cancer Screening

For many women, developing cancer is one of their biggest fears. 

However, regular access to women’s health services, such as cancer screening can help to catch it and treat it early, greatly increasing your chances of beating the disease.

All women over 40 are entitled to a mammogram (breast cancer screening) every 1 to 2 years. It’s very important to keep on top of this, as breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in American women.

Other cancer screening services available include cervical cancer screening, which is done through a Pap smear test every 3 years, or an HPV DNA test which is done in conjunction with a Pap smear test. This type of test can be done every 5 years.

Additional Women’s Health Care Services

In addition to these mandatory preventative care services, it’s important to tailor your healthcare plan to meet your needs at your stage of life. 

If you are considering starting a family, then you should go for a maternity insurance plan that will cover fertility treatments, newborn care, and medical treatment for the newborn in case of any unexpected occurrences. Especially if you’re looking for something more than the standard treatment, check out exactly what the insurer offers in terms of midlife access and birthing options.

Mental health services also vary widely depending on the plan. It’s good to examine how much access to counseling, marriage guidance and other emotional and mental health services your plan provides. 

Whether you’re shopping for women’s health care plan in the States or additional healthcare services in Canada, these points can help decide which one is right for you.

Woman to Woman: What to Look for in Women’s Health Care

Choosing women’s health care is not easy, but think carefully about your needs as a woman. Consider the stage of life you’re currently at. These factors can help you to get something that’ll give you peace of mind for the year ahead.

Healthcare services are important, but so is living a healthy lifestyle.

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