The good communication skilsl is a skill that is not possessed by many. In fact, it’s a rather sought-after skill that companies will pay good money to acquire the people that can talk and listen productively and beneficially. However, signing yourself up to a company may not be the only route open to you. In some cases, your skills may be better suited to an online audience where you’d be able to make money from the comfort of your own home. In short, if you believe you have outstanding communications skills but unsure of the best places to put them to use, read on to find out some of the more lucrative opportunities that could await you. Also consider working with a recruiter like Culver Careers to help you find your dream job.


This may not be your first choice and will require a lot of years in an academic institution learning all the ins and outs of how the justice system works, however, a lawyer requires the highest level of communication skills to listen to their opponent’s case. You’ll also need to communicate in such a way that explains what could be a very complex concept in a manner that everybody understands; judges, lawyers and juries alike.


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Business Administrator

When it comes to leading a team to success, your communication skills will make or break the team. It’s difficult to list any places to get a job for these as all businesses have them, simply log on to a website of your desired company or search ‘team leader’ in your local area. But the most important part of seeking this job position is having necessary skills and deep understanding of the industry, which you may get by receiving an online degree in Business Administration. After that, you’ll be successfully delegating jobs to the rest of your team, addressing any issues within the team as well as reporting back performance statistics to the managers and teams above you.

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Marketing Manager (Content)

Content marketing is easily the largest and fastest growing industry in the world and communication is one of the most important skills you need to become a part of it successfully. Companies are constantly on the lookout for new and passionate talent that can help them and their teams to create new ideas on how to actively boost the sales of their products and services. What’s more, you can even become a freelancer and work from home. This enables you to work your own hours and for a variety of companies. Communication in this role is essential as you may never meet your employer face to face but will still need to deliver a high quality of work.

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Radio Host (DJ)

This may be considered one of the more difficult positions to acquire simply due to the limited demand and spaces that are available. However, communication is essential, and a good speaker and listener would do well in this industry. After all, communicating with your listeners is your entire job. You could be a talk show host, a music station DJ, a news reporter or whatever kind of speaker you hear while listening to the radio. Better still, if there are no opportunities, you could simply start and advertise your own station online!

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Youth Pastor

If you feel close to God and want more people to feel that way, consider becoming a youth pastor which is incredibly rewarding. Not only do youth pastors get the opportunity to provide spiritual guidance to youth, but they also often take on roles as teachers and mentors. To know what skills and duties a youth pastor have, you should get acquainted with youth minister job descriptions that can range from developing youth programs to leading youth events. The benefits of being a youth pastor also extend to personal growth through learning new skills such as critical thinking and communication – both of which help shape young minds in positive and unique ways. Building relationships with the youth and seeing them grow with God’s guidance is an amazing experience for any youth pastor.


If you’re especially talented in a certain subject such as Maths, Science or maybe you speak multiple languages, tutoring could be the ideal position for you. In this job, you could be teaching a class of children or adults or promoting your services to 1-on-1 private classes. Communication is key, and you’ll have to expertly teach people something that they don’t already know, meaning you’ll have to be crystal-clear in everything you say. What’s more, you could even start your own business online tutoring people around the world using communication platforms such as Skype.

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Human Resources Department

The human resources department of a business is responsible for managing the employees. This includes everything from hiring and firing employees to managing pay and organizing recruitment drives. This department also takes assists from recruiting agencies. You’ll also be responsible for handling any employee queries and for making adjustments to morale and making sure everything is operating with the guidelines of the law. Basically, everything you do will be related to dealing with other people, and therefore, communication is key.

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Similar to tutoring or teaching, a consultant is an individual who advises others about anything you can imagine. You could be a business consultant, a financial consultant, even a relationship consultant to couples. Whatever field you decide to proceed to, being a good speaker, and an even better listener, will be the key to your success. What’s more, you can work self-employed and take on as much or as little work as you like or you can work for a company, giving you complete freedom in your work.

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When you work with children, it’s vital that your communication skills as the best in the business. You could be working with young children, toddlers or even teenagers, whatever age range or physical location you are working in, you’ll need to be sure that the language you’re using is precise, clear and appropriate. These jobs are available at private nurseries or day cares, schools or even private childcare services. Furthermore, your communication skills will be even more essential as you’ll have to converse with the parents from time to time.

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Television Presenter

Similar to a radio host, communication skills are a necessity when it comes to working on television. Strict guidelines, deadlines and variety of shows that need to be presented, you need to be on top of your game the entire time. Even more so if you’re presenting in front of an audience or during a live broadcast. Your speaking skills must be impeccable, but you’ll be given a lot of freedom when it comes to your work. You could be a News Reporter, a Game Show host or any kind of act you see when you turn on the box.

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