Since childhood days, Disney princesses were our most favorite beauty figures. Princess Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, and Snow White were our beauty goals, and they all have one thing in common – big doe-like eyes. Bigger eyes are a universal beauty ideal in animated movies! In real life, most people would also prefer to have doe-like eyes since having larger looking eyes is perceived to be younger. It also adds glow in one’s face when you have big and bright eyes.

If you’re finding ways to have larger looking eyes to take a few years off your age, these handy hacks can help you out. The amazing thing about getting a Bambi-like eye is that it is easy to achieve as long as you know how to strategically apply the right makeup and use the right eye wears. Check out the following ultimate guide to have larger-looking eyes.

Tricks with Eye Makeup

Open Your Crease

Whether you’re up for a smokey eye-makeup or a natural, fresh look, tailor your eyeshadow accordingly, and define your crease. A warm brown shadow or a soft rose shade helps add dimension to your crease to make your eyes pop and appear more prominent.

Wing Your Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner creates an illusion of bigger eyes. For those who have small eyes, avoid heavy eyeliner on your upper lid as this makes the eye appear even smaller. You may draw a thin line above the lashes and extend it beyond the outer corner of your eyes to create a subtle flick. This technique helps make your eyes look fuller. Winging your eyeliner on both your eyes is tricky as it can make your eyes appear lopsided if applied unsymmetrically. Always do this with a mirror or ask a friend to help you line your eyeliner.

Use Lighter and Neutral Colored Eyeshadow

For eyeshadows, make use of neutral and light shades. Make use of the rule of contouring, which is to apply light shades on the areas you wish light to reflect and darker colors for those areas you want to push back.

Apply Eyeshadow Along The Inner Corner Of Your Eyes

This simple method helps accentuate your eyes, producing a brighter eye look that helps make your eyes appear more prominent. Do not use harsh white shadow as it will look theatrical. Opt for a natural look by using soft white shade. You may also apply on your white liner along your waterline that extends the white part of the eye.

Lighten the Waterline

Drawing eyeliner on your waterline can help make a smokey, sultry look but it can also make your eyes appear smaller. To make your eyes bigger, you may color the waterline with a flat, white eye pencil to brighten and open your eyes.

Use Lengthening Mascara

One of the best makeup products for making the eyes bigger is mascara. This makeup staple improves the contrast between your eyelids and eyelashes, which produces a more striking look. The key to making the eyes appear more prominent with mascara is to give your lashes its optimum length and thickness. Apply a lengthening formula on your lower and upper lashes to help achieve wide doe-like eyes.

Even Out with the Right Concealer

Make use of concealer strategically. Apply around the inner and outer corners of your eyes, the areas that tend to appear darker. By brightening these areas with the appropriate concealer, you can help emphasize the size of your eyes, bringing them forward and more noticeable.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Solutions

Grooming Eyebrows

The eyebrows also play a role in framing how your face looks, including your eyes. Removing stray hairs along the eyebrow line can help accentuate your eye and make it more noticeable. However, it doesn’t mean that the thinner the eyebrows, the larger the eyes will be.  You may create a defined arch by plucking hair above your brow’s inner corner to widen the space around the eyes. Your eyes will be more prominent when the area surrounding them are more accentuated.

Curling Your Eyelashes

Making your eyelashes longer through curling also helps in making your eyes appear slightly bigger. This method opens the figurative shutters around your eyes, making your entire eye area more noticeable.

Highlighting Your Brow

Applying a powder or liquid highlighter underneath your brow helps lighten the area around your eyes, making it seem bigger. You may apply highlighter on your brow bone just below your eyebrows.

Treat Eye Problems if Necessary

De-Puff Your Eye Bags

Eye bags or swelling under the eyes can make the eyes appear smaller. Drain the puffiness by submerging your face in cold water and cucumber in the morning. You may also place cold eye packs over your eyes to decrease the puffiness.

Eliminate Dark Circles

Dark circles not only contribute to tired-looking eyes, but they also set your eyes back. Bright eyes make your eyes appear more awake and noticeable. Aside from cosmetic products, such as illuminating concealers, the best way to fight dark circles is by staying healthy. Get plenty of sleep and make sure to have a balanced, healthy diet. Use cold water in washing your face to reduce the puffiness. You may also use cold, teabags over the eyes, to help tighten the skin under the eyes or the traditional one’s cucumber slices. Lastly, regular exercise also helps increase circulation, which helps reduce water retention.

Use Circle Contact Lenses

How to have larger eyes? Use enlarge contact lenses. Nowadays, contact lenses are gaining popularity among makeup enthusiasts, especially if they wish to make their eyes appear bigger. Circle lenses, in particular, cover not only your iris but also some part of your eyes to make the eyes look bigger and doe-like. These circle lenses also come in various colors and designs to choose from to suit one’s likes and preferences. Visit now to see collections of high-quality contact lenses that will not only enlarge the eyes but also help give you a sparkling look.