Disposable razors– the mere thought of them makes us shudder. Disposable razors can be a nuisance. They’re inconvenient and they cost a lot over the years.

For this reason, and more, many people are choosing to opt for a women’s safety razor. But, what are all the advantages of a safety razor? We’ll go through some of them in the paragraphs below.

Is a Women’s Safety Razor Really Safe?

Whether or not a safety razor is a misnomer depends on your definition of ‘safe.’ The first safety razor came into being in 1880. An inventor named King Gillette released a similar product in the early 1900’s. He combined the safety razor shape and function with the idea of a replaceable blade, and this became the standard for the modern safety razor.

This brings us back to the issue of safety. During the birth of the safety razor, the only other razor on the market was the straight razor. By that standard, the safety razor definitely lived up to its name.

Still, the safety razor is not necessarily dangerous by today’s standards. It takes a little practice, but you can’t seriously hurt yourself with it. It’s basically no more dangerous than any other kind of razor.

Environmentally Friendly

Due to their removable blade design, safety razors are much more environmentally friendly than disposable razors. The razor itself is pure metal, so you won’t need to replace it..

The replaceable blades are also metal and recyclable. Keep in mind that you can’t throw blades in the recycling bin. Instead, you will need to drop them by your local scrap yard.

The safety razor also has one blade, compared to five blades on your typical disposable razor. This adds to the amount of benefit they have on the environment.


We’ve grown up with disposable razors and may have been under the impression that disposable means you can only use it once. Even if you do try to use disposable razors more than once, you still have five blades to look after instead of one.

If one of them rusts or dulls, we’re accustomed to throwing it away. We couldn’t replace it even if we wanted to, because they don’t really sell disposable razor blades.

This is an advantage safety razors have over disposable razors. The blades were designed to be replaceable. In fact, that was Gillette’s whole marketing plan: sell the razor below value. Once people have the razor, they’ll need to come back to you to replace the blades.

This website, for instance, sells safety razors for as little as $15. Plus, you can get a pack of 100 blades for $12. If you replace blades at a rate of one per week, this will last you nearly two years.

Additionally, the razor and blades are stainless steel, which means that they don’t rust.

Gender Realities of Disposable Razors

Unfortunately, razor companies of all types use gendered marketing. However, anybody, man or woman, who has run out of razors and had to use their wife’s or husband’s or any member of the opposite sex living in their home, will tell you that they don’t notice any difference.

What differences there are seem to be minor. The price difference is there, most companies claim, because women have more hair to shave and in a different area. The companies have introduced subtle differences to make this easier.

Safety Razors and ‘Pink Taxes’

Safety razors have less of a gender difference. The only real change is in the handles.

Women’s safety razors have a longer handle so that the user won’t have to stretch as much to shave her legs.

Generally, a ‘pink tax’ can apply to safety razors, but again, there isn’t much difference between a men’s and women’s safety razor.

Is there a price difference when it comes to safety razors? If there is, it’s minimal. The blades are the same, so we’re talking pricing differences between the handle.

Psychology comes into play here in a very interesting way. Over the years, people have developed several tricks to fool the human brain. One of these methods relies heavily on a foot-in-the-door policy. Paying one dollar more now versus paying ten dollars more one time seems like a better investment even though we’ll spend more money constantly replacing that $1 item.

So, even if you pay 15$ more for a women’s safety razor, that investment will pay off in less than a year.

There is also a major upside to this phenomenon. It puts a limit to how much you can charge for a single item. For instance, you probably wouldn’t sell a lot of razors if you had women pay $200 more for the razor handle than a man would.

A $200 price difference is appalling, but you would eventually make back your investment in about 15 years. Basically, regardless of how much more a safety razor handle is, it’s bound to pay off in the long run.

Close Shave

In addition to costing less, narrowing the gender gap, and being more eco-friendly, many people claim safety razors offer a much closer shave once you get the technique down.

Using multiple blades may seem more efficient, but they often cause the shave to be uneven. Safety razors don’t have this issue, so they offer a better shave than most other razors.

Safety Razors and Why They’re In

Safety razors are beginning to come back into style, and there are a lot of reasons for this. They’re environmentally friendly, offer a closer shave and a women’s safety razor is cheaper than buying women’s disposables.

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