Being a parent, especially if you’re a single one can be quite stressful. Unfortunately, some parents when unable to deal with various tasks and obligations they have turned to alcohol as a form of escape.

Many studies have shown that unfortunately, almost 18 million people in the United States are suffering from an alcohol use disorder. And a lot of these individuals have children. Sadly, many of them are not aware of the effects that their alcohol abuse has on their kids.

That’s why those who have managed to recognize that they have a problem should find the rights addiction treatment program if they want to get better. Today, we will discuss how alcohol addiction affects women who want to be good mothers.

What Are The Effects Of An Alcoholic Mother On Kids

She Neglects Her Child

When a mom is constantly drunk, she isn’t able to fulfill all the essential parental roles that she is supposed to. She is prone to forgetting to pick up her child from school, to take him or her to school plays, attend PTA meetings, and many other things.

Besides all of that, she neglects her child by not giving him/her enough love, care, and attention which can make her kid feel depressed and may lead to withdrawing into himself or herself. On the other hand, if a kid gets a feeling like he/she isn’t receiving enough attention he or she will find many ways to get it and may do some unpleasant things just to remind his/her mom that he/she exists.

Destroying Child’s Self-Esteem 

Many therapists claim that a parent who is battling with addiction can seriously affect the self-esteem of their child. Usually, these kids believe that they are not good enough. Why do they think like that?

Well, that’s because they see that their mom is having an issue with alcohol, yet, does nothing to stop it. They tend to think that even they are not good enough to stimulate their mother to stop consuming alcohol.

Sadly, they think that if their mom loved them enough, that she would always choose them over this vice. Something like this can significantly affect their self-worth and if they do not go to the therapist, this belief will stay with them even when they grow up.

If this occurs, then later in life, they may develop some serious mental issues, such as depression, anxiety, etc. Therefore, if you are currently experiencing this problem, seek help. There are many amazing institutions that can be of huge help.

If by any chance you live in the Netherlands, then consider yourself to be lucky. How come? It’s because White River Recovery in the Netherlands is currently one of the best rehabilitation centers where people who are dealing with various types of addiction can receive great help and treatment. It’s time to prioritize your child before it’s too late!

What Are Other Effects That Are Preventing You From Being A Good Mom?

The Guilt

When you’re an addict, and you have a child that’s too young, it often happens that he or she will consider himself/herself guilty and think he or she has caused this type of behavior. They will start thinking that if they were maybe smarter, or generally behaved better that you would have never turned out this way.

Even though this may seem like something that is short-term, sadly, it isn’t. This way of thinking can last much longer even in adult years and it is going to be difficult to eradicate it, unless you hire a therapist.

Ruined Relationship

One way that alcohol consumption can affect your child is in a damaged relationship. When you are under the influence and everything revolves around this vice, it is hard for you to focus on your kid and work on enhancing your relationship.

If you do not prioritize this when your kid is young, then it is going to be extremely hard to build a strong relationship and emotional bond with your child later in the years. Frequently, individuals who are struggling with alcoholism do not acknowledge that which makes things even worse.

They do not think they have any problem which can create a distance with their child and will later make it hard to build a normal relationship with their kid. That’s why, if you recognize that you are starting to feel the signs of alcohol abuse, seek help as soon as possible.


When you have a mother (or father) who is an addict, it can be a very lonely experience, especially since no one close to you has gone through it. Kids that are dealing with this usually feel like they are completely alone and do not have anyone they can talk to.

Furthermore, if a parent is prone to making scenes, then it’s even worse. How come? It’s because these children feel embarrassed by it and then they have a tendency to withdraw from their family members and closes friends.

Unfortunately, these things can lead to even more dangerous conditions, such as depression and anxiety, and oftentimes, to suicidal acts or thoughts because they simply do not see any solution and way to escape from this situation.

Problems At School

Many studies have shown that kids that are growing up with alcoholics are prone to neglecting school. Namely, they often skip classes, do not do their homework, misbehave in school, or simply drop out of it.

All of this is caused by huge stress. It’s all because their parents are not interested in anything that is currently going on in their lives and do not provide them with any type of support when it comes to school. 

Many other conditions, such as depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can also contribute to this type of behavior. And that’s all because they live with a parent who is an addict and is not devoted to their child.

Problems At School

As you can see, there are so many negative things that can strike a child if he or she is living with a mother (or father) who is battling alcoholism. So, if by any chance, you have this problem (or know someone), please seek help before it’s too late!