Living in South Florida, you probably know how damaging saltwater is to your skin. But you may not realize that the sweat that cools your skin during a workout can be just as damaging! The salt, dirt, bacteria and other elements in your sweat can cause you to break out.While working out is a great way to take care of your skin & body, you absolutely need a post-workout skincare routine to make sure it stays healthy and glowing:

Get Out of Your Sweaty Clothes

Even if you wear loose-fitting clothing to work out in, your clothes will trap sweat and grime against you. Your best option is to bring a change of clothes to the gym. If that isn’t an option or you forget your clothes, at least shower so you can get the majority of the sweat off of you — even if you do have to wear the same dirty clothes to go home.

Don’t Use Scrubs or Harsh Soaps

Dont use scrubs or harsh soaps

You may want to try to scrub off all that nasty sweat and dirt after your workout. But your skin will be more sensitive post-workout, and scrubs and harsh soaps can do more harm than good. Use a gentle cleanser on your face after every workout, and look for an antifungal soap to add into your showering rotation along with antibacterial soap to keep your skin clean.

Avoid Working Out After Laser Skin Treatments

Avoid working out after laser treatment

If you really want to look your best, laser skincare treatments in Coral Gables can eliminate blemishes, tighten up your skin, and overall keep you looking great. However, after a treatment, you will need to avoid heavy exercise. Otherwise, sweat and other irritants can damage your skin. Every treatment has a different downtime, so be sure to follow all directions given by your skincare technician after a treatment at Body Details!