Based on a survey done by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast surgery, or breast augmentation is one of the leading surgeries performed all over the globe. Deciding on getting one is an important decision for a woman as it correlates with her body image and self-esteem.

But why do women choose to get it, though? There are a lot of factors that lead women to get breast surgery, but most of the time, it’s because they want to have fuller breasts.

Here are some of the most common reasons why women undergo breast augmentation.


According to most patients, having fuller breasts make them more attractive. It makes them feel more feminine and satisfied with themselves that it helps them have more confidence and self-esteem.

Low self-esteem is the first reason why there’s a demand for breast augmentation procedures. Many women all over the world- be it from the US, Asia, or Australia- are seeking information on the internet to learn more about the procedure before committing. This caused internet searches for “breast augmentation price,” “breast Surgeon Sydney,” and “breast surgeon near me” to be on the steady rise.

Before deciding to undergo breast augmentation, however, women need to know that they are already unique and beautiful. Having a certain bust size doesn’t determine a woman’s beauty. Breast surgery is just a way to improve the physical aspect of a woman’s beauty and is not a necessary step to being more beautiful.

Look Better with Clothes

Wanting to have fuller breasts doesn’t always have to be about vanity. Sometimes, it can also mean having more comfort in one’s apparel.

Women often have difficulty in choosing their clothes because of their bust sizes. In some cases, the apparent disproportion of their bust size and their body shape can be a significant hindrance in their choice of clothing. This will lead them to have specifically tailored clothes, making them spend more money in the long run just to be comfortable with their outfits.

The human body is rarely proportional, and yes, this includes the bust size. Some are endowed with large boobs and slender bodies, while some have large frames but small chests.

As mentioned earlier, these disparities can lead to issues in clothing. On the other hand, breast surgery can be personalized. With the help of your cosmetic surgeon, you can decide how you would want your breast to look like.

With the right proportion of their bust size and body shape, women can improve the contour of their chests that will result in clothes that look better in them, whether it be in pajamas or a long gown. Say goodbye to your old breast size and hello to more comfortable apparel and higher self-esteem.

Look Better with Clothes Off

Confidence doesn’t only come in wearing clothes that make you more attractive. Sometimes it also comes down from looking good without wearing anything.

Some women can feel very uncomfortable with their bodies, especially when they are with significant others. This negative self-image will lead to low self-esteem that could also result in a strain in their relationships.

Uneven Breasts

Some women, when growing through their puberty, can have growth spurts that directly affect their breasts, among other things. However, this is not the only factor as to why women can have uneven breasts.

Having uneven breasts can lead to, again, negative self-image, which can make women lose confidence in themselves. However, this could be solved by breast augmentation. Simple breast surgery can even out their chest lines, giving them higher self-esteem.

Disproportionately Small Breasts

Speaking of uneven breasts, some women have a condition called micromastia. Micromastia is a condition where a woman’s breasts don’t fully develop after hitting puberty. While this might be silly as bust sizes can have different shapes and sizes, in reality, it delves a lot into the person suffering from it.

Micromastia is indicated by comparing the woman’s bust size with the average bust size and determining if they are feeling embarrassed by their body image. With the help of breast augmentation, however, this can be solved. By putting breast implants, the woman suffering from micromastia can have fuller breasts and better confidence.

Recent Weight Loss

Most times, when a woman loses her weight, she still retains full perky breasts. More often than not, however, a woman can lose those full breasts after losing weight, which turns saggy and floppy instead. With breast implants, however, they can achieve full perky breasts once again while still retaining their slim waist, good body shape, and health.

This is also true for women who have undergone pregnancy and lost all the baby weight they’ve gained for nine months. Breast implants are a great and helpful way for women to return to their pre-baby body that they were once proud of. Take note that breast implants won’t affect a woman’s baby or their ability to nurse once they get pregnant again.

Appear Younger

As we grow old, our skin becomes less elastic and will feel and look saggy. That said, this can affect a woman’s breast and will make them loose, less perky, and saggier. This leads women to feel less attractive and look older.

Even after an intense workout designed explicitly for the chest, vitamin intake, or massage, gravity will take its toll on the body. Breast augmentation, however, can help retain that youthful appearance by giving you perky busts, which is an excellent way for women to feel more confident again. Having a breast lift as well as breast implants could go a long way for many to get that youthful look once again.


If you haven’t realized by now, breast surgery is correlated closely to a woman’s self-esteem and confidence. Being embarrassed about any part of your body can lead to a negative self-image, which will lower down how you view yourself, and can ultimately lead to more issues down the road. Here’s to hoping that after your breast surgery is done, there will be no complications, and you will be finally content with your bust size.