Getting into shape and working out consistently is one of the most common New Year’s goals, which inspires many folks to take up expensive gym memberships. Gyms are buzz in January, but as the months go by, they become quieter as fewer people are able to stick to their gym-going commitment. 

Reasons You Should Work Out at Home

Since they’re not going to the gym, many busy women abandon their fitness goals, but this is unnecessary. Working out at home is much easier and can be more rewarding. Benefits of exercising at home include:

1. No Travel Time

Most folks don’t have the luxury of going to the gym in the middle of the day, which means you travel to the gym before or after work, usually during peak traffic. Depending on how far the gym is from where you live or work, getting to the gym might take up a lot of time, and who wants to do that in the middle of a busy week?

Working out at home saves you the stress and time of commuting from work/home to the gym.

2. Exercise When it Suits You

Many women juggle work, kids, studying, and other family responsibilities, so going to the gym straight after work isn’t an option. Exercising at home means you’re able to sneak in a quick workout after you put the kids to bed or between chores. If you have the energy, you can exercise late at night before you sleep or early in the morning when no one else needs your attention and there are fewer distractions. 

3. Your Home is a Judgement-Free Zone

This one may be all in your head, but it’s common for women to feel anxious or self-conscious when working out in a public gym. Even though no one is looking or judging, many women avoid pushing themselves or trying new exercises out of fear of doing them incorrectly or looking foolish. 

Exercising in your home gives you the freedom and space to work out at ease without fearing judgment from strangers. 

4. Low-Cost

Working out at home can be a cheap option depending on the type of exercise you do. This is especially helpful if you have a history of signing up for gym memberships and not using it.

You can select workouts that require no equipment or you can buy a few basic pieces of gym equipment you know you’ll use. 

Equipment for a Small Home Gym

Having a small gym at home makes it much easier to get a quick workout in. You don’t need much space or lots of different machines. Choosing a few pieces of equipment that can be used in multiple ways will help you get the most out of your little gym, save space, and won’t cost a lot. 

Before purchasing equipment, you must establish where to set your gym up. A spare bedroom or garage is a great option, but if this is not possible, you can always use a part of your living room or bedroom. The amount of space you have will determine the kind of equipment you can include. 

Your home gym should have something for cardio and strength training, as it’s important to include both in your workout routine. 

If you’ve got a larger space and a bigger budget, you may choose to have a treadmill or bike for cardio and a squat machine for strength training. There are many types of treadmills, bikes, and squat racks on the market. Do some research to identify the ones that best suit you and learn more about squat racks and the benefits of incorporating them into your exercise plan before making a purchase. 

If your budget is tight or you have limited space, you can use a jump rope for cardio or simply go for a run and use free weights like dumbbells or kettlebells for strength training. 

No Equipment Workout

If you’re short on floor and storage space or don’t want to spend money buying equipment, there are several types of exercises that require no equipment at all. Some popular activities that you can do without equipment include:

Walking, Jogging, or Running

Walking is an overlooked, yet simple exercise that anyone can do regardless of their fitness level. If you’re new to training and just starting your fitness journey, start by taking a short, slow 15-minute walk and gradually increase the pace and speed. 

Walking or running outside is excellent for people who spend most of their time inside, working behind a screen, as it is an opportunity to breathe fresh air and take in different scenery. Also, a workout outside improves your mental health. 

If the weather isn’t great or you can only exercise late at night and are reluctant to go outside, play some music or turn on the TV and walk or run on the spot.

Body Weight Strength Training

You don’t need weights to build muscle. If you like the challenge of using weights but don’t have any, you can use items around the house like water bottles or canned food. However, it is just as effective to use your body weight. 

It’s a must to warm up your muscles before doing any strength-training exercises so that you don’t get hurt. You can do this by going for a short, brisk walk or jogging on the spot. 

You can do practical exercises at home, like lunges, planks, squats, and push-ups. Strength training will give you more energy, reduce fat and build muscle. 


Yoga is a great option if you’re stressed, as it helps you relax and calm your nerves. If you struggle to sleep, there are night-time yoga routines that will help you fall asleep easily. 

Anyone at any fitness level can do yoga. You can decide how long or how many poses you would like to do. Beginners can aim for a 10 to 15-minute yoga that includes three to five easy poses. As you improve and become more comfortable with the poses, you can add more and increase the time. 

Yoga is ideal for people who prefer low-impact workouts. Unlike other exercise routines, when you do yoga, you must focus on breathing and doing the poses slowly and correctly. 

Doing yoga at home won’t cost you anything as there are so many free online classes. Take some time to search online for a routine that you like and that suits your fitness level, and do it at your pace.