Everyone wants a picture-perfect smile. It makes you feel more confident when your smile looks nice in photos. Imagine you become known in your friend group for being the only one with yellow teeth in every photo – what a nightmare.

There are plenty of things that can be done to improve your smile. It isn’t a one-day process, especially if you’re planning to do it naturally. There are two ways in which you can improve your smile – naturally or medically. A natural process is cheaper and perhaps healthier, but it takes longer to see the results. The medical process involves your dentist’s intervention, who can oversee a procedure which helps to give you the perfect smile. While the medical procedure might be costly, the results are almost instant – as long as you do proper post-care.  

For more information on how to improve your smile, read on below:  

1. Dental Braces 

As most of us know, there are many ways in which people can improve their overall appearance and health. Braces straighten your teeth, and the fact that they can help with so many issues makes them a very popular choice. Super Smiles Orthodontics provides a great dental brace service that you should look into if you’re considering them. A dental brace is worn on the teeth for up to twenty to thirty months. When your teeth are aligned properly, your smile will appear more natural and you will have less pressure on your gums. 

Having a perfect set of teeth allows you to have a great smile. Just make sure that you’re consistent with your monthly adjustments.

2. Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is perhaps one of the biggest and most popular cosmetic procedures available today, and allows for instant results. Not only that, but teeth whitening is great for improving the appearance of your overall smile; there are also many other benefits associated with it. Teeth whitening works by removing stains, which cause discoloration such as coffee or wine stains. Depending on the intensity of the procedure, your teeth could be  up to 10 shades lighter than normal.

Some people have white teeth naturally, while others have them bleached by a dentist. It’s not uncommon for people to get their teeth whitened through whitening. The procedure can be expensive, but worth it for the instant results. There is no need for regular visits to a dentist to get your teeth bleached, because they can be done in a single session.

3. Floss and Brush Daily

Daily Flossing is not only very effective in improving oral hygiene but also beneficial for your overall health. It helps to remove food particles and plaque, which may cause cavities in your teeth. Cavities are very dangerous, as they can cause a lot of bad health problems like gum disease, tooth decay and even oral cancer. Therefore, flossing should be a regular part of your routine.

To maintain your teeth and gums, you need to brush your teeth twice a day. This is very good for preventing plaque and reducing the risk of cavities. However, brushing too hard can damage your teeth and gums. A combination of brushing and flossing is recommended to stay healthy. Using a quality toothbrush will help you clean your teeth efficiently. The teeth and gums are the first things that you’ll notice if you’re brushing and flossing the right way. 

By reducing any plaque build-up you’ll be able to improve your dental health, allowing for a great smile.

4. Teeth Cleaning

In today’s society, many people suffer from dental problems, including bad breath, cavities, yellowing of teeth, and a variety of other disorders. A growing number of people are interested in taking advantage of the dental benefits of teeth cleaning. It’s well known that bad breath results from anaerobic bacteria, which live on decaying food particles in the mouth. These bacteria create foul-smelling gases, called volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs). Also, some types of bacteria thrive in and around broken teeth, producing VSCs. 

Aside from helping to improve the smell of your breath, it could also help brighten your teeth by removing any stains that are seemingly impervious to flossing and brushing. There are some stains and plaque build-up that may be hard to remove, and requires a dentist’s intervention. With teeth cleaning, they’ll be able to clean your teeth thoroughly helping you to have a great smile. Think of it like a power wash, for those spots which you just can’t reach without the help of a heavy-duty professional.  

5. Drink Lots of Water  

Drinking water is always highly encouraged as it provides a ton of benefits for your overall health. While drinking water has probably always been a part of your daily routine, you should consider drinking a lot more of it than you’re used to. This will help to flush out stains on your teeth, and to prevent any future tooth decay. It’s highly encouraged that you double your water intake, most especially when you consume a lot of sugar as your teeth will likely be more prone to decay.

When you flush out any stains on your teeth, you’ll drastically improve the appearance of your smile and your overall dental hygiene.

6. Limit Staining Drinks 

Drinking coffee, tea, and red wine has been known to stain teeth. When you just cannot resist drinking these, as they’ve always been an enjoyable part of your daily routine, you should wash out your mouth with water afterwards to flush out any stains. After this, you could also brush your teeth just to be safe. By implementing these techniques and making them regular, you’ll be eliminating the possibility of yellowing your teeth in the future, thereby allowing you to have a picture-perfect smile. But nothing beats prevention. If you can limit, then it’s best to do so.

7. Quit Smoking 

Quitting smoking doesn’t only have benefits for your physical health, but your oral health as well. Tobacco has been known to cause stains on your teeth, making them more yellow over time than perhaps any other practice. Similar to dark beverages, it’s best to avoid it to eliminate any further damage.  

When it comes to smoking, it’s best that you quit as soon as possible, as it severely harms your body and offers little to no benefits. It’s not only that you’ll be hating the condition of your teeth, but you’ll also be putting yourself at a greater risk of developing cancer and other lung-related illnesses

8. Quality Toothbrush 

There are several things to keep in mind when buying a quality toothbrush. First of all, you need to make sure that the toothbrush is made from good material. You’ll also need to consider the type of bristles and the size of the brush head when choosing the toothbrush that’s best for you. The toothbrush should be made of long-lasting material, and the bristles shouldn’t be too hard or they can cause serious damage to your teeth and gums. 

You need to ensure that the toothbrush is clean, and not covered with any foreign objects. There should be no hair or other matter on the bristles. This will help prevent and discourage the presence of germs on your toothbrush, and thus in your mouth. The handle of the toothbrush should also be of an appropriate length, as a longer handle will facilitate more efficient brushing. An adjustable handle will help to prevent the brush from tipping backward, thus reducing the chance of food particles getting caught inside it and ruining the quality over time. 

When you’re able to clean your teeth thoroughly, you’re guaranteed to have better dental health – allowing you to have a picture-perfect smile.  

9. Teeth Whitening Strips 

Many people are looking for a safe and effective tooth whitening method. Teeth whitening strips come as simple strips with adhesive backing and a covering of a gel on one side. The gel is a bleaching solution such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. These are typically the same bleaching agents that you see at home bleach but in lower concentrations. 

When used properly, teeth whitening strips are not likely to cause any problems for your gums, teeth or mouth. The whitener works by attracting and breaking up the stains in your teeth. It also helps to improve the enamel. Over time, the white strip can begin to peel off the backing. This will make it more difficult to apply. If you have sensitive teeth or a history of gum disease, it is best to go with the strips that contain a gel layer. Make sure not to leave it in for too long though, or you could expose yourself to the risk of tooth decay.

The advantages of using teeth whitening strips at home are many. One of the biggest benefits is that you won’t have to spend a fortune to whiten your teeth with the help of a dentist. Many people are surprised at the amount of difference this method makes for their teeth. You can enjoy the benefits of having whiter teeth without risking the damage that comes from the professional whitening process. This can be your alternative when you don’t want to spend a ton on dental tooth whitening procedures.  

10. Smile Naturally with Confidence 

A sincere smile always looks better than a forced one. When you smile, feel the moment and try to smile as naturally as you can with confidence. Your smile looks best when you feel confident about yourself; if it helps, try to think of something that makes you happy.

Along with this, some say that when you smile, you should touch the roof of your mouth using your tongue. It helps to improve the posture of your face and smile. You can practice to see the difference by smiling in front of the mirror at home, and see which method works best for you.  

11. Wear Complimenting Lipstick 

It’s common knowledge that wearing a complimentary lipstick will help to improve your smile and make it stand out a lot more. When choosing the color of your lipstick, you should pick a color that has a blue undertone. A blue undertone helps to make your teeth appear whiter. If you don’t know how to identify a lipstick color with a blue undertone, you should ask for assistance from the shop.

When picking a lipstick color, you should choose one that matches your skin tone. Some colors work best for either fair, medium or deep and you should choose the one that compliments your skin tone the best. Along with this, you should also like the color so that you’ll feel happy and confident smiling with it.

12. Tilt your Head

It’s usually preferable to tilt your head when you smile in photos, to whichever side you prefer. When you smile with a stiff and straight body, it tends to look awkward and uncomfortable. If you slightly tilt your head to the side, it’ll give off a more natural look, helping to improve the appearance of your smile.

13. Practice your Smile 

There’s nothing wrong with practicing your smile if it makes you feel better about yourself. You’ll be able to see what you specifically should or shouldn’t do while smiling. You should practice in the mirror or take selfies, and see which one works best for you. Some people say that their smile looks different in the mirror than it does in pictures. You should try the two of them, and once you’re happy with both then you have nothing to worry about. Once you’re satisfied with your smile, your confidence will skyrocket.


Having a perfect smile is something which many people have always wanted. While it’s true that not all people are blessed with a dashing smile and a great set of teeth, you can work your way into developing these features.If you want to have a great smile, you should be truly happy and not force yourself into a pose. Most smiles look gorgeous when they’re done naturally, regardless of anything else. Allow yourself to be truly happy and confident about your smile, and everything else will follow. If you find you still need a little extra help, then don’t hesitate to read back over the tips provided.