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Did you know 80% of Americans aged 18-49 wish they had whiter teeth? But short of replacing them with implants, how can you get whiter teeth? Wondering about what’s the most effective teeth whitening method? Well, fret no longer! Here, we’ll cover the 3 most effective methods of teeth whitening.

Whitening Toothpaste

One of the easiest and most common ways to whiten teeth is with whitening toothpaste. They combine gentle bleaching chemicals with abrasives that can buff away darker spots.

While they can work well, it’ll take you a while to achieve the desired results. Expect this option to take you a few months.

If you want something a little quicker, you can try using charcoal. Dentists don’t recommend that you use charcoal toothpaste since it’s very abrasive. But a charcoal mask will work just as effectively without the risk.

Charcoal can bond with stains on the surface of your teeth. After the mask has a while to bind (a few minutes), you then rinse it away. It should lift these stains away when you rinse it off.

Whitening Strips

If you want something a little faster, consider buying whitening strips. Usually, they’ll work within a week or two.

Whitening strips use peroxides and bleach to whiten your teeth. The set usually contains two strips: one to apply to your top teeth and one for the bottom. Apply the strips for about 30 minutes each day for about a week, after which point your teeth will be brighter.

But realize that these aren’t a permanent solution. Most of the time, your teeth will return to their original state within the year. And if your teeth are very stained, this solution might not be strong enough.

Additionally, these chemicals can be rough on your teeth. If your strips have chlorine dioxide, it can eat away your enamel. And your teeth are usually more sensitive after treatment. Finally, if you touch the inside of the strip or place the strip on your gums, it can cause irritation.

Whitening Trays and Gels

The most effective teeth whitening is with whitening trays. Here, a gel is squeezed into a tray that fits your jaw. The tray contains a gel that contains peroxides and bleach.

They’re like whitening strips, but the tray is more thorough. You’ll be able to get all the nooks and crannies with the gel, and they stay in place. But there are the same chemical drawbacks that occur with whitening strips, too.

You can buy over the counter trays. Typically, you apply the tray daily for 30 minutes, and after a few weeks, you see results. But if you want immediate results, there’s a better way: visit the dentist.

At the dentist, they’ll use safety measures to prevent your skin from touching any part of the gel. Then, a gel is applied for 15-30 minutes and washed away. Sometimes they’ll repeat the process a few times until your teeth are the preferred shade.

The results are immediate but pricey. It’ll likely cost you several hundred dollars. They also tend to last longer than treatments you do yourself — often for several years.

The Most Effective Teeth Whitening Method: Now You Know!

Now you know the most effective teeth whitening treatments. Looking for more tips on your dental health? Check out this list of do’s and don’t’s of dental hygiene to keep your teeth safe and healthy.