Sleeping at least 8 hours a day is important. As you grow older, the number of your sleeping hours will decrease due to work and other important matters that will take up most of your time. Sleep is vital because it is the only time of the day when a human body can relax. Sleep is the body’s normal activity and is one of the most important. If sleep is essential for an average person, how much more it is for a pregnant woman who is carrying another human being inside her?

Sleeping Problems for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are vulnerable and are sensitive to a lot of things. While pregnancy can be an exciting time, it can bring a lot of discomfort and inconveniences which includes sleeping problems. Yes, during this delicate time, pregnant women may have problems with sleeping as sleep can be hard to come by. In fact, about 78% of pregnant women admit that they are having difficulty sleeping. The hormonal changes that women undergo during pregnancy can cause them to wake more frequently. There are a lot of reasons why pregnant women can’t sleep properly and it can be attributed to a lot of factors such as nausea, leg cramps, constipation and heartburn.

This is the main reason why pregnant women should be given extra care during this period. For their sleeping, they should have the best mattress in the world – if that is possible. A mattress of high quality can encourage sleep in pregnant women and can make them feel comfortable all night long. Remember, pregnant women are carrying some extra weight especially in the middle region which can make her feel uncomfortable when lying down. The best mattress can reduce the feeling of being uncomfortable and can provide the best mood for sleeping.

Picking a Comfortable Mattress for Pregnant Women

The human body undergoes rapid changes during this period of time. A pregnant woman needs to have plenty of rest and proper care for the baby to grow healthy. Getting quality sleep can make the pregnancy period less uncomfortable and one way to ensure that is to get a comfortable and the best mattress in a box for pregnant women.

Here are some features of a comfortable mattress that every pregnant woman should look for:

 Thickness and Materials

The thickness of a mattress will depend on the individual but a pregnant woman can benefit from it since a thicker mattress allows them to sit down and get up with ease. The type of materials used in the mattress is also an important factor to consider especially that there is a life growing inside you. As much as possible, look for materials that are made of eco-friendly products. Avoid buying mattresses made with petrochemicals, noxious adhesives, chemical flame retardant and others since these compounds are linked with cancer and other health issues.

 1. Cool Surface

Night sweats are a common scenario to pregnant women during nighttime. The least thing that you would want when trying to get a good sleep is to feel hot while lying on the bed. A mattress with a cooling layer is perfect for pregnant women as they tend to feel hot most of the time. Mattresses should be able to allow enough air to circulate to prevent it from getting hot. For pregnant women, the best mattress options that will not make them feel hot at night are gel foam, latex foam hybrids, and low-density memory foam.

2. Conform

The mattress should have the ability to conform to the body of the sleep as it can provide the pregnant woman’s body ample support. Our body undergoes different changes during pregnancy. Your tummy may still be smaller during the first trimester, however, this is also the time when you are most restless because of the increasing level of progesterone and morning sickness. The second trimester is also the time when you feel like staying on the bed and just sleeps the day away. The last trimester is when your tummy is at its largest; thus, making movement more difficult. Choosing a mattress that will conform with your changing body will play a significant role in making your rest and sleep as comfortable as possible.

3. Medium Firmness

Pregnant women tend to urinate often especially at night. You might be tempted to get an ultra-soft memory foam mattress for a soft cushion, however it would make your getting up difficult. Aside from that, pregnant women are also recommended to sleep on their side for better blood circulation and to prevent straining your liver from your expanding body weight. A medium firm mattress will let them get up from the bed just right and offers enough support especially on the lower back and hips area. If you are on your way to the third trimester, you may also consider a mattress with adjustable power foundation compatibility; thus, you will be able to get up as easily as possible. 

4. Edge Support

A mattress should be able to offer plenty of edge support to prevent its edge from sagging due to a pregnant woman getting in and out of bed. Aside from that, the best mattress for pregnant women should be able to distribute weight evenly and reduce motion transfer. This way, you won’t be able to feel as much movement every time your partner moves or shifts in bed; giving you better sleep at night.

 5. Safety

While most manufacturers are following strict standard safety protocols in producing the mattresses, it wouldn’t hurt to extend an extra mile to make sure that you and your baby are safe while sleeping. Look for the CertiPUR approval when shopping for a new bed; this certification means that the product is free from harmful chemicals and additives.

With all the added pressure and strain of being pregnant, having a good night sleep is indeed an uphill battle during pregnancy. Sleeping with a bun in front for your stomach is already uncomfortable so getting the best mattress can do wonders to the life of a pregnant woman. Look for the features mentioned above when shopping for a new mattress and get that good night sleep.