A person’s hair is their identity. We recognize and remember most of the celebrities by their iconic hairstyles. So, it is no wonder that the hair care products industry is vast and makes billions of dollars every year. If research estimates are to go by, the global market share of the hair products and accessories industry would be worth around $28.51 billion by the year 2026. 

Our lifestyle changes increase our stress levels. The impact of this is felt on our hair in the form of hair fall, split ends, and brittle hair. While celebrities invest in expensive hair care treatments and products, not everyone can afford them. But that does not mean that we cannot all have gorgeous hair. The trick is to find the right products and accessories which will prevent breakage. Here is a guide to picking the right hair care products. 

Hair Bands

While a stylish ponytail or a braid looks great, the bands you use to tie them could impact your hair health. Yes, hair ties cause more damage to the hair than we would like to believe. Besides the creases and dents on the hair tied for too long, they also take strands of hair by causing breakage. The only way to stop this is by not tying your hair for too long or when damp. 

It will also help if you leave your hair loose while you sleep. You could also switch to a silk hair tie that haircare experts believe are the best hair ties in hair-friendly material. Trichologists would also suggest you switch to silk pillowcases as cotton could damage your hair. The smooth coating on the scrunchies ensures that it is gentler on your hair. Even if you are using a silk tie, it is important to make sure you do not wrap it too tight around your hair. Besides reducing breakage, silk ties are also known to prevent split ends, thinning, and frizziness. So, those are a few more reasons to invest in it!

Absorbent Towels

Absorbent Towels

The towel you use can cause hair damage and hair loss too. Our hair is different from our skin, so it needs a different kind of drying from the skin, just as it needs a different cleansing product. So, make sure to switch to a towel that is more absorbent material like cotton. You could also use a microfiber towel or a cotton tee-shirt to dry your hair.

However, do not aggressively rub or dry it. Instead, leave the towel loosely wrapped on your head and wait for it to absorb the moisture. Avoid styling or using heat products on your hair while it’s still damp. This causes hair fall and thinning of the roots as the hairdryer causes dryness of the scalp and deprives it of the essential moisturizers too. So, do not use a hair iron or dryer unless you cannot avoid it!

Plastic Brush

When you comb your hair, you activate the capillaries in your scalp, which increases the blood flow. Ample flood flow to your scalp ensures that the hair roots and follicles are well-nourished and get a good oxygen supply. This promotes hair growth, prevents breakage, and restores hair health.

But that does not mean you should comb your hair all day long or that you could do it with just any hairbrush. A plastic hairbrush with wide-spaced needles is ideal as it does not create a lot of friction. While it is normal for us to brush our hair when it is still wet, this causes breakage. So, wait for your hair to dry before you brush. This helps you avoid unnecessary weight loss while brushing. Remember to brush your hair just once or twice during the whole day. This lets your hair breathe and relax, whereas excessive combing causes stress to the hair strands and leads to breakage so please avoid it.

Keratin Shampoo

Just like our body needs proteins to remain healthy and strong, so does our hair. If your hair is gummy, lacks elasticity, dull, and breaks easily, it is a sign that you need to invest in a protein treatment. You could increase your intake of nuts, seed oils, and protein-rich foods in your diet. Besides that, you should also make sure to use a keratin-rich shampoo. It tames your hair by reducing the frizziness, adds a natural shine, and reduces the damage from the styling products besides increasing your hair health naturally. 

While keratin shampoo is good for your hair, use it in moderation as excessive use of it could cause itching, dry scalp, etc. Limit the number of times you wash your hair to two to three days a week to avoid breakage. Every time you wash your hair, make sure to follow it up with a strengthening conditioner. This would not just make your hair manageable and presentable but would also make it strong and healthy. Apply a good conditioner, comb your hair from roots to tips, and leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off. Do this regularly to avoid breakage caused by friction and thinning. 

These are just a few of the many great tips you could follow to have healthy and lustrous hair. Besides that, it would also help if you follow a nutritious diet that is full of vitamins, exercise routine, sleep well, and keep your stress levels under control. Do not use excessive chemicals, stay away from direct sunlight, and avoid heating products as much as possible as all these tend to take a toll on your hair health.

A recurring hair fall problem that does not stop despite all the efforts to control it could be a sign of an underlying health condition. So, if the problem of hair fall persists for a few months, talk to your doctor to understand its possible cause. Remember, healthy hair is a sign of a healthy you, so do take care of it!