Heatware: How to Dress Your Children

Everyone rejoices when the summer finally sets in. Unfortunately, temperatures may go a high of 34°C in some areas in the UK and around Europe. While this might be a perfect time to enjoy the sun, most children will have a hard time coping with the high temperatures. Here are some dressing guidelines for the period.

Go for Loose Breathable Clothing

You need to ensure that the children are comfortable even as they enjoy the hot summer afternoons. Avoid tight dressing, as it tends to cling too much to the skin, limiting its cooling function. Therefore, you should go for little kids clothes made up of light breathable materials that will enable air to circulate across the body.. By being loose, it does not mean that you dress them in oversized clothing. Just ensure that the clothing is well-fitting and does not limit their movement. As for the undergarments, pick those made from cotton or a blend of polyester and cotton. These materials are absorbent and comfortable to wear even when the child gets sweaty. You can find comfortable boys and girls dresses at any high-quality child clothing stores.

Less is Best in the Hot Weather

Look at what you are wearing. If you are in short pants or short dresses, consider dressing your children with the same. You should get short sleeveless girls dresses for outdoors and shorts and t-shirts for the young boys. If you feel that it might get cold at the end of the day, layer them up when it is cold so that you will just need to remove the extra warm clothing when it gets warm.

While at it, it is important to keep checking their body temperatures and signs of too much heat. They would appear restless, flushed and sweat profusely. In that case, you need to remove the extra clothing. For the very young, you may need to leave them with a nappy when it is too hot. If you are going out, remember to have them wear adequate sunscreen and carry some extra lotion with you to protect the exposed skin.

Drop Socks and Hats When Too Hot

Most of the sweat glands are concentrated on the head, feet neck and hands. It is important that these areas are uncovered when it is too hot so that they can regulate body temperature. If you have to have them wear the sun hats, ensure that they have perforations so that there is some air circulation. As for the feet, have them wear shoes with breathable inner soles and no socks so that that they can sweat freely.

Colour Matters

There are is a reason why there is a floral blend of colours. These colours not only look good in the sun, but they also make help reflect most of the heat from the sun. You can go for a splash of colours that includes the yellows, oranges, polka dots, whites and greens. Purples, pinks, and reds also do not absorb a lot of heat. Besides, you need colours that are in harmony with the nature around you. Warm colours are the closest to blossoming flowers out there. However, blacks, earth colours and navy blues take in lots of heat and may get your kid heating up in no time. Petit Bateau has a wide collection of kids’ clothing with the best colours for the hottest of the summer period.

Avoid Covering the Pram

If you have small toddlers who are moving with you in a pram, avoid covering them even with the thin silky cover. Since the cover is exposed to the sun at all the time, it will absorb most of the heat. Over time it creates oven-like conditions for the toddler. Subsequently, the air inside the pram may be too hot for the toddler to breathe and can lead to a fatality. It is recommended that you leave the child indoors during the heatwave week if possible. If you must travel with one, use the tips in this article to keep them safe.

Beware of the Temperature Drops at Night

The UK experiences very hot weather during the summer days and a significant drop in temperature at night. Unfortunately, by the time your child goes to sleep, it might still be warm. Most parents forget to ensure that the children are warm during the night as they just sleep with the light clothing they wore when going to bed. It helps to check your children’s temperature before you get to bed. You may need to add light clothing, pyjamas or a light blanket to ensure that they are warm throughout the night. Remember to avoid the heavy dressing, as indoor temperatures do not plummet too low during the night.

Ensure that They Look Good Even as they Cool Down

Even as you look for ways to ensure that young ones beat the cold, ensure that they are also looking great during the heatwave. There are tens of summer styles for the young ones that include buttoned-down shirtdresses, flared flock, camisoles, sleeveless tanks, denim and ruffle sleeve tops, among others. Children also love variety in colour prints and cute messages on their dresses. Therefore, when going shopping, ensure that dresses that you buy match their style, personality and generally look good. There are always new trends that come up during the summer season. Pick one of a few trendy ones to surprise your children. However, go for evergreen fashion that can be worn some other time and still look great.

The choice of clothing during the expected heatwave is vital for the comfort of your children. Ensure that they wear clothing that does not add to the heat and gives room for their bodies to regulate the temperatures. Besides, do not forget to get them a stylish dress that will definitely make them proud. Read the guidelines expressed in this article to get started.