For many people, their hair is one of their most important features. Certainly, it is one of the very first things others notice when they first meet you. There is such a thing as having a bad hair day, and the way your hair looks can have an impact on your mood, your confidence, and how you feel overall, whether you are a man or a woman.

Many of us wish for longer, thicker, and shinier locks, and just overall healthy-looking hair. There are certain things we do that damage our hair, and probably the reasons why we cannot achieve the glorious mane we see on hair product commercials. Looking after your hair requires more than simply washing it and brushing it. In this article, we advise you on how to properly take care of your hair.

Know Your Hair Type

Before anything else, you should determine the type of hair that you have. This is a crucial step to determine the best way to look after your hair. It is not wise to do the same things your friend does if they have a completely different hair type to you, as well as different needs. You may have fine, straight hair that has a lot of breakages, or thick curly hair that feels dehydrated. These are two different types of hair and you may have to follow different routines to get your hair’s needs met. You can determine your hair type simply by visiting a professional hairdresser, as they will be able to not only tell you about what your hair is but also recommend tips and advice.

Wash Your Hair Regularly

It may not come as a surprise that your hair needs to be washed. Your scalp is home to a lot of dirt and excess oil that can only be removed with water and a good hair lathering product. Again, as we discussed above, knowing your hair type and needs is important to know exactly how often you should be washing your hair. For some people once a week is enough, whilst for others, they would have to do it every two days. Just try not to wash your hair every single day, particularly if you have long hair as this does not allow enough time for your hair and scalp to dry.

Use Chemical-Free Products

Many external factors such as air pollution and the sun can have a damaging effect on your hair. This is something that is out of your control, but you can indeed control what products you decide to use on your hair. Make sure to get products with no harsh chemicals such as sulphates and parabens. You can also reduce the number of products you use on your hair by getting some that do more than one job. A good example of this is a shampoo that washes your hair but also acts as a hair straightening product or a conditioner that can be used for a deep conditioning treatment or a leave-on product. By minimizing the products you use, you are reducing your hair’s exposure to potentially harsh chemicals.

Condition Correctly

Hair conditioner is a must, no matter your hair type. You should always apply conditioner to the tips of your hair, avoiding the scalp, particularly if you have oily hair. Conditioning your locks will allow your hair to be smoother and hydrated and it will be much easier to detangle, minimizing breakage often caused by brushes.

Dry Your Hair Naturally

It should not be a surprise that heat is very damaging to your hair. For some reason, many individuals continue using heating tools on their hair to style it and dry it, but sometimes this is not at all necessary. Allow your hair to air dry and avoid any heating devices on your hair unless you have an important event to attend.

Don’t Sleep With Wet Hair

Don’t Sleep With Wet Hair

We know the feeling of exhaustion when you have just taken a shower and washed your hair, and fatigue takes over you and all you want is go to bed. Understandably, this is not always avoidable, but you should minimize it as much as you can. Going to bed with wet hair is extremely damaging to your hair, as it is at its most vulnerable state when wet and it can easily break. Try to wash your hair in the morning if at all possible, as this will give you plenty of time to let it dry before bedtime.

Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

A message to the scalp not only is very relaxing, but it can also have many benefits to your hair too. Empirical studies have shown that massaging your hair daily for a few minutes can stimulate your scalp and increase blood flow to the hair follicles, maintaining it healthy and improved thickness. It only takes you a few minutes before bed to do this, you can do it with your fingers or specific scalp massaging tools. If you have a partner, you can even ask them to do this for you and then return the favor.

Wear a Sleep Cap

Sleeping is amazing but it can also be a difficult time for your hair. There is a reason why you wake up with very messy and tangled hair in the morning. Even if you do not realize it, you are very likely to move a lot in your sleep, and this includes your hair on your pillow. Wearing a hair cap at night, is an old custom, particularly in certain cultures, but it does help to protect your hair. Make sure to get one made of silk or satin as this material is best known to protect your hair and your skin.

Oil Your Hair Properly

We already mentioned conditioning your hair, but there are other treatments that you can do to make sure that your hair is healthy and properly looked after. A great way to restore some hydration and shine back to your mane is to do an oil treatment before washing it. This simply entails you using an appropriate oil and applying it generously on your hair and massage it for a few minutes. You can leave it on for a few minutes or a couple of hours, and then wash it off. You can use coconut or olive oil which are very popular when it comes to hydration or castor oil for help to grow your hair. Just be sure to properly wash your hair, so all the oil comes off, to avoid excess sebum on your scalp.

Looking after your hair does not have to be difficult or take up a lot of your time. Follow some of the tips above to make sure that you properly take care of your hair and say goodbye to bad hair days.