Eyes are said to be the beautiful way to communicate when words can’t but what if it is surrounded by darkness. Most people get dark circles with growing age where the reasons could be many. To remove dark circles, first of all, know the reason and work on it as it may be due to lot of stress, lack of sleep, disturbed lifestyle or even heredity.

Dark circle makes your overall appearance dull and since the skin around your eyes is quite sensitive, going for chemical products can harm in long run. But it is possible to get rid of dark circles around the eyes by following any of these home remedies on daily basis.

1. Tomato and lemon juice

Take one tbsp tomato juice in a bowl and add half table spoon of lemon juice in it. Add pinch of turmeric and a little gram flour (besan) to make a paste. Apply it around your eyes and keep it for 10 minutes. Rub around the paste gently before drying then wash it off.

Since tomatoes are rich in iron, vitamin A and C it helps reduce dark circles faster.

Also include tomatoes in your diet.

2. Nutmeg (Jaiphal) and raw milk

Take a piece of nutmeg and rub it on the sandalwood stone along with little raw milk to make a paste. Apply the paste around your eyes and wash off with cold water after drying. This is though a little time taking rubbing process the result is undoubtedly satisfying.


3. Potato

Potatoes have mild bleaching properties that helps lighten your skin and remove dark circles.

Take a raw potato and grate it finely. Apply it all around your eyes and keep it for about 10 minutes and then wash off your face.

4. Cucumber and rose water

Grate cucumber and filter the juice. Take equal amount of this juice and rose water in a bowl. Dab a cotton ball into the blend and apply it around the dark circles. You can also keep these cotton balls over your eyes for few minutes to relax your eyes. It is also good for stressed puffy eyes.


5. Almond Oil and honey

Almond Oil with its moisture content will help nourish your eyes. Make a mixture of almond oil and honey in same amount. Use this mixture to apply on your dark circles before going to bed. Keep it overnight and wash off in the morning.

Following the regime regularly will definitely remove dark circles which will add a bit more confidence on your beautiful face. If you are allergic and home remedies is not your think than you can always look for other one of the bests Organic eye creams to remove your dark circles.

Also take good care of your health, have a stress free sound sleep and enjoy life that will certainly bring freshness to your eyes as well as life.