Do you have naturally curly hair? Have you ever envied the models in shampoo and hair color advertisements who have flawlessly defined hair with no frizz or flyway’s? Curly hair is drier and brittle than straight hair, and it frizzes quickly, so you’ll need to take special care to keep the frizz at bay and the curls bouncy. 

The key to having curls without frizz is choosing the right products and techniques for your hair type. There are so many ways to get bouncy curls without the frizz. Here are ten secrets to help you get bouncy and frizz-free curls every day:

1. Use The Right Shampoo And Conditioner

Girls should use right shampoo for hair for proper growth

Your shampoo and conditioner can be excellent products for curly hair. They should be sulfate-free, which means that they don’t contain sodium laurel sulfates. Sulfates are harsh on rough hair and can dry it out, causing frizz. They also strip natural oils from your tresses, leaving them brittle and more likely to frizz.  

Use a conditioner with plenty of moisture and no silicones, which can make your hair stringy and hard to work with. You’ll want a leave-in conditioner or detangler for this step as well because it will help you comb through your locks easier without the risk of breaking wet strands. If there is too much tension on your hair during detangling, it may cause the curls to lose their shape.

2. Ditch The Towel And Air-Dry Your Hair

You should never dry curly hair with a towel because you’ll risk damaging the strands and causing them to frizz more than they already do naturally. You can blot or squeeze out some of the excess water instead if you need to get rid of any wetness before applying the product. But don’t rub! It will break up your curls and make them look frizzy, as well as lead to split ends that will show themselves later on down the line in broken pieces sticking out from your head at unexpected angles. 

Instead, try squeezing gently until most of the water is gone, then leave those curls alone to dry naturally.

3. Apply A Product With Gel

Hair gel

Always apply a product with gel before you blow-dry your hair so that the curls will stay in place and not frizz as much while drying. It also helps if you finish off with hairspray because it gives the final touch of hold. Hairsprays for straightening can be too harsh on curly hair, though, which leads to the next secret.

4. Pick The Right Hair Spray For Curly Hair

The best way to avoid lifeless or frizzy curls is by choosing products made specifically for curly hair like mousse or a volumizing spray instead of ones meant for straight locks. These are less likely to cause frizz or weigh down your curls.

5. Start Styling At The Bottom Layer

You should start styling with the bottom layer of hair and work up when you curl each section. Therefore, your waves will be uniform in size rather than clustering together randomly. It also allows for more control over even distribution, which is essential to avoid frizzy spots or flyways later on during the day or night.  

If some hairs end up curlier than others, it’s okay! Just smooth them out as best as you can without breaking any strands and go about your business like usual, knowing that these wavy rogue pieces add personality to an otherwise flawless style.

6. Stay Away From The Hot Tool

Styling your hair with hot tools like curling irons or flat irons can cause it to frizz quickly, so you’ll want to stay away from heat as much as possible when styling curly locks. It would help if you used these products at night before bed because they will naturally have time to dry without turning into a mess throughout the day. It will help keep those bouncy curls under control while giving them some extra shine and definition in the process!

7. Avoid The Wrong Products

Girls should avoid a wrong product for use

Frizzy curls are no fun for anyone, so make sure that you avoid using products like pomades or other greasy-feeling options when styling your hair. These will only weigh down the curl and make it frizz out even more than before which is something to avoid at all costs! If you’re not sure about a certain product, ask an expert at your local beauty supply store for their opinion on whether or not it’s right for curly hair type. They’ll be happy to help steer you in the right direction towards healthier-looking waves every time.

8. Be Patient With Your Hair

It takes patience to embrace natural curl patterns, whether they’re tight corkscrews or loose beach waves, so try practicing patience with your hair the next time you’re styling it. You’ll have a much easier time keeping frizz and flyways at bay while still looking like yourself.

9. Get Creative With Your Styles

You can style curly locks in many different ways, so make sure to get creative when choosing how you want to wear them. For an artistic approach, wear your curls down instead of up for a day of lounging or doing errands. Braids are also another easy way to experiment with curly hairstyles because they work well with any texture, from tight corkscrews on one end of the spectrum to losing waves on the other.

10. Embrace Your Natural Texture

Curly hair is beautiful and should be appreciated for what it is because there’s no point in trying to fight the frizz or curl if you don’t want them anyway. If your natural texture tends towards straight instead of curly, embrace those pin-straight locks instead of hiding behind a baggy hat or hoodie! You may always add a matching scarf or bright headband to your attire, rather than worrying about anything other than appearing nice and confident.


Remember, it’s okay to embrace your natural curl or straightness without feeling like you must wear a certain hairstyle. With the right attitude and some helpful tricks up your sleeve, there will be no stopping those bouncy waves from taking over every time! Embrace them with open arms for a truly fabulous look that makes others stop in their tracks wherever you go.