You got called in for a job interview. That means that you are one step closer to getting the job that you applied for. The interview is all that is left to get and own the position. Not to add pressure, but everything that you say and wear will speak and that includes your choice of makeup. I’ve put together some guidelines of what makeup to wear to your job interview. I hope that this helps you to feel confident and go in there and get the job.


The first step is to put on a foundation that is going to work well with your natural skin tone. You don’t want to wear something too pale nor too dark. Try to pick a color that will blend right in with the skin you have been blessed with.

Foundations come in liquid, powder or as a tinted moisturizer. The type you choose is up to you. Try to pick something that works best for your skin type depending on the amount of coverage that you need. If you already have a smooth, healthy and natural glow, I would skip this step altogether or go very lightly on the foundation.

If the foundation is new to you, you may not want to wear it to your interview. A tinted moisturizer might be a subtler approach. Make sure that you feel comfortable in the foundation you choose. The last thing you need is low self-esteem on your interview day.


If you have any untimely skin blemishes or dark circles under your eyes on your interview day, you can wear a concealer. Use a Q-tip to apply the concealer and lightly dab it on. Make sure to use a concealer that matches your skin tone. A powder can be applied after the concealer to seal the deal and make it look natural.


When applied correctly, blush can give you a healthy glow look. Blush normally comes in hues of pinks. If you’ve ever looked at yourself when you are embarrassed or flushed, that is the color to go for when choosing a blush.

Blushes come in powder or cream. It’s a good idea to go with the same form as your foundation. If your foundation is a powder, then go for a powder blush. If your foundation is cream, then try a cream blush.

Eye Shadow

So, you have your foundation, blush and possibly concealer on and things are going well. Eye shadow is where people can really mess up. Remember you are trying to land a job, and look professional so don’t go too heavy here on the eye shadow.

You will want to keep your eyes simple and natural looking. The last thing you want is for the interviewer to be staring at your eye shadow. I would not recommend glittery or shimmery eye shadow for a job interview. Anything too flashy can be distracting. Stick with the natural approach that works with your skin tones. Think “shadow” as in eye shadow. A very subtle shadow will make a better statement than overdoing it with glitter.

Two or three carefully chosen natural complementary colors that match your skin tone is a good choice for eye shadow. A good rule of thumb is to choose a base color that matches your skin tone. Then on top of that apply a medium-toned color to wear in the eye crease. Lastly, apply a darker color like charcoal or brown on the outer eye crease.

Eye Liner

Eyeliner carefully applied can make your eyes stand out. You don’t want to put too much on. A small amount of pencil eyeliner in charcoal or a brown hue over your upper and lower lash lines should do the trick. Be careful if you use liquid eyeliner, as liquid can create a harsher line.


Mascara can draw people into focusing on your eyes. Black is the most common color of mascara. You can also use brown, but women with any hair color can still wear black mascara and look great. For unwanted clumps, use a lash comb.

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time applying mascara before going into the job interview. Mascara needs to dry completely, or it will smudge. You also don’t need a super expensive mascara; drug store brands work just fine!


Your final application can make or break your look. Go with a lip color that feels good on you but try to stick as close to your natural color that you are comfortable with. Stay away from lip gloss which can get sticky looking. Keep in mind that you most likely will be doing a lot of talking during the interview. The interviewer will be focused on your lips and eyes as you talk. Don’t overdo the lipstick with anything crazy like purples or super dark colors.

In Conclusion

If there is one recurring rule to follow with all of your makeup products for your interview day, it’s “don’t overdo it.” Stay with natural and subtle colors for your makeup. You want to appear professional. Drawing attention to your natural looks is a good thing. Don’t cover up who you really are. Good luck and I hope you nail the job!